What I have learned in the past few months is that you should confer benefits on everyone around you, including the people who dislike you. It does not mean being weak, naive, or spineless -- it means working for the common good.

You will not be part of the clique, and you won't be everyone's buddy. But you will do what needs to be done.

Everybody takes infosec seriously...

including me...

But it doesn't have to be scary.

@superruserr Been watching this in the bulgarian tv. The prime minister tried to depict the cracker as someone brilliant, and said that the government needed such brilliant people on their side.

The cracker, OTOH, says that their security was a joke. I'm inclined to agree.

I think that the key to having a good fediverse experience is shamelessly replying to strangers.
Because friends start out as strangers to each other.
And making friends is the key.
Whoever wrote the fdroid blogpost should go work in politics

It's pretty astonishing how complex things (cities, human beings, cells) maintain coherence.

@lain Here's why:

🍍 It gives your life meaning. If Evil lies in wait all around you, you have the chance of transcending your boring life and becoming a Paladin for Good & Justice.

🍍 It conveniently chops up an amorphous reality into clearly defined chunks, making it easier for the person to process.

🍍 It's aesthetically pleasing. Saying someone is mildly authoritarian or even conservative is a mouthful. Saying someone is a Nazi? Instant classic!

@TheGibson Hacker culture suffers with many cases of acute guruitis. There's an interesting zen parable that illustrates what I think about this:


Attaining competency and mastery should be the prelude for coming back 'into the world' and sharing your skills. It shouldn't be yet another silly game of status.

@TheGibson If we look at the word, to be radical is simply to to be disposed to look at the root of our problems.

To want a better tomorrow for everyone is a pretty radical position, as it cuts through bogus distinctions of race, status, gender, etc. Also, this has always been a pillar of the hacker culture: competence is essential, everything else accidental.

@TheGibson Definitely. Less chances of having the IDS detect unusual activity, specially at times when a shop might be running a skeleton crew (Christmas, etc).

All in all, it is good fun.

@TheGibson Really motivated bad actors often have the luxury of time to get to know their target intimately, and use a more intentional approach.

They have the opportunity to boil it down to a finer science.

@yogthos @lain Absolutely. The point is that whether you prefer Market Capitalism or State Capitalism, the corporation or the party, there's always a well-paved road to the concentration camp.

Whether the undesirables are unprofitable (homeless, lunatics), 'race enemies' like jews or mexicans, or unortodox (trotskyites in the 20s), there's always a place for them. You can even mix and match (like they did with ukrainian kulaki).

I am always surprised at how ready people are ready to whip out statistics in defence of whether socialism or capitalism works better.

You can achieve the highest marks for 'quality of life' while condemning people to meaningless labour, concentration camps, and a complete lack of self-determination.

That's precisely why despite the false aura of certainty conferred to it by numbers, statistics is very often little more than an exercise in rationalization.

@yogthos @lain At the moment, I have a preference for living in a state that, perhaps, does not take care of me from cradle to grave.

Whatever silly ideas capitalism economies use to justify themselves tend to remain more stable than the latest version of the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism, and therefore more likely to keep me out of a work camp.

Not to worry. Despite iphones, capitalist economies are catching up with ideological ideas of loyalty.

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