Essentials of Linguistics, an Open Access intro linguistics textbook by @candersHamilton #linguistics

@edunar I think it is actually a form of privilege for people to be able to treat spirituality like consumer goofs they can pick and choose. Usually they are affluent upper middle-class people who rarely experience daunting hardship in life.

The thesis archive of now-defunct Marylhurst University is still online... pretty good collection of theses, primarily in theology, social science, social work, art therapy, art history.


Hopefully a high speed Internet line will arrive this week! It's been too long.

Sadly, the University is closing its doors for good this month, and today was the last day its Shoen Library was open. It was a great source of theological materials. For now the Marylhurst Digital Collection is still online. It seems that the university is shutting down all its digital presence in two weeks, so download theses and papers now when you can.

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