In my 9th house in Capricorn, there’s Venus and Sun…
Here’s the breakdown of my thought process:

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I’d really want to write my own tarot witchcraft guide in the style of like these things, but centred around “Bob” (and possibly “Connie”).

If X-Day doesn’t come this year, we’ll still have the awesomeness which is “Shark Week”…

Looks like we’re having “Kentucky Fried Pigeon” for tonight…
3 rib piece meal split between us as usual.
Our restaurant mascot is so waifu material, isn’t she?

is next Monday, have you planned how you’ll live your last hours?

“The problem with kids these days is that they don't appreciate the classics...” — Kablamus

And with this, I honestly see that Kablamus has some sort of je-ne-sais-quoi related to Neon Genesis Evangelion (besides the Magma Diver episode, mind you!).
Within the same dream, I had imagery of me being turned into LCL and all that crap.
When one is in tune with true Slack, then one is one with “Bob”.

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Besides liquorice pipes, I personally feel that this candy bar brand is perfect for a holy Subgenius sacrament…

Isn’t it cute?

Yeah, laugh all you want at me, but Mr. Mime is my fav Pokemon from the original 151.

My Lynx browser isn't configured like it was before... I had to space and edit my gophermap files according to this format.

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Looks like a trucker tried to steal 21 tons of pistachios…

Alternate version (implying in my headcanon that Idia would use this tiny password for minor tech stuff)

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Currently watching Seinfeld, and this joke is so perfect to reflect Idia Shroud’s personality!

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