{{SLACK: a surge of uncorrupted gumption, an explosion of the “self”—not obliterating it, but bloating it.}}
This passage from the sacred Subgenius book slaps me hard with the Hint this relates symbolically to Kablamus The Exploding Man (The Mask Animated Series)… To which I’ve actually dreamt of being him last night!!!
The pieces are falling neatly into place for my personal clench.


And with this, I honestly see that Kablamus has some sort of je-ne-sais-quoi related to Neon Genesis Evangelion (besides the Magma Diver episode, mind you!).
Within the same dream, I had imagery of me being turned into LCL and all that crap.
When one is in tune with true Slack, then one is one with “Bob”.

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“Absolute Terror Field”?
“Zen of Terror”?
The symbolism are piling up!

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