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I seriously need a break from Twitter and the toxicity that comes with it.

Ralphie doesn't like rainy days, because I won't let him outside. Who wants the smell of wet dog running around the house?

I don't really miss working inan office, though I do need a gentle distraction to help me work better. That's usually a TV series or a movie playing on a second computer. I don't know why it helps me concentrate, but it does.

Spoilers and rant for today's Semantle game. 

So today's semantle answer is "chess" which is just fine. But the thing is, chess is a game. But nowhere in the top 1,000 nearest words was the word "game". Sure, there was variations of game, like "gamelike" and "gamesman" - but NO "game" itself. There was trigonometry, math, science - which, WTF?

I know this is just a silly puzzle game, but JFC don't make me feel stupid and don't miss essential words, Semantle!

JFC it was 35° and I was freezing when I got up. And it's going to be over 70° this afternoon. Mother Nature is determined to freeze me and boil me in the same day.

At this point, I want Spring to decide what it wants to do. Either be in the 30s overnight & 50s during the day, or 50s overnight and 70s during the day. I'm either freezing without an extra blanket or broiling because I am under one.

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your prefered date format?

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I get a lot of (sometimes really cool) ideas, and start to work on them - while abandoning others. I really gotta stop this because it's a horrible habit. I've still got landscaping to do, a fandom audiofic archive to restore, a political site/Dem races to log, and a few others. But this morning? This morning I'm installing an open source CMS (Composr) as a gateway for my oldest server (, which has been on the 'net since 1994).

From what I can tell, it's uploading about 2,000 to 2,500 messages per day.

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Like the packrat I am, I have 10Gb of old email that I've collected over the last 15 years for work. I decided it needed to be part of my Google Workspace account and started copying in the first 2 folders with about 20,000 messages last Monday.

It's still copying. Because GMail throttles uploads. And it sucks.

Because I haven't shared him here yet - here's Ralphie, finally tuckered out and taking a nap after searching the house for Daddy all morning.

I blocked an account that looked like a homophobic troll, and I get called out...for being gay. Okay, got it.

Why am I here again?

(What I've *been* doing is just going through other friend's friends lists and snagging people from there.)

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Okay, so I'm learning more about Mastodon - but I have a question. How is it that I go about finding & friending other people if I can't log into other instances with my existing login? That's the confusing thing about how this here website thingy works.

Based on what I'm finding in "Federated" messages, there are a LOT of Tr*mp supporters that have migrated to Mastodon. In just a few minutes space of time I saw messages about "groomers" and anti-LGBT crap from multiple people.

Just blocked my first person on here, because they were pontificating about liking/missing Hitler and wanting to antagonize POC. Screw that. Take your toxicity elsewhere, Bubba.

By way of I'm a gay dude who lives in Oregon, I'm a self-taught tech nerd who spends his free time writing, reading, and running several fan-based sites that have been on the Internet since 1994. Yes, I've been around the block.

Feel free to friend me!

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This is worth sharing.

It's an animated GIF where every frame is a valid QR code that leads to the "Never Gonna Give You Up" rickroll.

That's kind of amazing.

At least Mastadon isn't crashing like Counter Social is today!

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