@robdaemon I did not know that - thank you! Good lord I've been in pharmacy too long if I'm choosing medicine over more natural stuff.

After living here in the sticks for 18 years, I finally poison-oak-ed myself. No calamine lotion but antihistamines on board & I found the 4% lidocaine so hopefully it goes away soon.

Hard Citrus is the new cider. This one is lemon based with plum & pomegranate.

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Can someone tell me why Stanley Tucci gets handsomer the older he gets? Because woof.

After 28 years, I'm finally officially incorporating my non-profit. But now I have to put together a Board and read up on all the crap I have to do to keep it up.

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every time you make a joke about the great old ones, i have this meme who pop up in my brain.
Every. Single. Time.
(and i love that).

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Why is it so comforting to find out the lead architect on a project is a dad-joke telling nerd?

How can a 135 pound dog take up more room on the bed than two adult men? Still, he's cute when he snores.

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Twitter (the site, not my followers) has realized that I'm not using twitter anymore and has started emailing me highlights of what I've missed.

Sorry, no. Don't miss the drama.

I was already in bed (been up and working since 2:15am) when the County texted to remind me it was garbage & recycling day tomorrow. The neighbors are lucky I at least put on a robe to take the cans out.

@georgespolitzer if it's a white guy, they show him in a loving situation with his family, even if he's a killer. If it's a Black guy, the headline could say "Former Felon Pulls Family From Fire" even if it was a misdemeanor from 20 years before. .

I hate pictures of myself. But at the same time, I only need to approve, nobody else.

@gcm3 Only thing is, we're on well water, so that makes for a COLD hit back there, especially during the winter. I need to find one that can warm the water.

We accidentally bought one-ply, so forgive me in advance for my literal chapped ass and bad attitude the next couple weeks.

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