Homemade ice cream! It's bourbon peaches in a honey ice cream base. Yum!

I may not be allowed to cook (hubby took over cooking duties 30 years ago because it relaxes him) but I'm allowed to make ice cream because I'm creative with flavors and good at it!

Hard Citrus is the new cider. This one is lemon based with plum & pomegranate.

I hate pictures of myself. But at the same time, I only need to approve, nobody else.

This child, I swear. If he wants what you're eating but you don't indulge him, he's learned to whine. We don't negotiate with terrorists, but sometimes we negotiate with him.

I don't know about bisexual men (other than what's here in the screenshot) but I'm a gay man who ended up leaving 2 jobs because of lack of promotion/support from leadership. First time was "That faggot isn't getting a promotion and that's final."

Ralphie didn't like his blood draw and leaned on me. A lot.

This is both horrifying, as well as intriguing. Mostly horrifying, though.

RAIN! Okay, so only 2/100ths of an inch, but still, this is the first measurable rain we've had since June.

This is the color of the sky in Oregon this morning, because of the fires.

Just when I think Twitter is getting better, stupid people start doing even stupider things. Yes, Twitter is the only connection to some of my friends, but at the same time...

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