Boundaries set, focus time initiated. Though it's Friday, I'm setting myself up to finish the week strong (and closer to 50 hours billed than I like, but what's usual these days).

When you're the only person people vent to, it gets fucking tiring.

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I've been fighting identity theft for the last few months - and finally it's in the news. This affects EVERYONE - read the article!

me: Wow, it's pretty quiet today

me (five minutes later): Aye fuck, how long has my email client been close? ::opens email:: Well, so much for it being quiet!

Just when I think Twitter is getting better, stupid people start doing even stupider things. Yes, Twitter is the only connection to some of my friends, but at the same time...

Even though I don't have the time, I need to roll out a CMS for my fandom server. The fandom space definitely needs more resources, and hell, I have the bandwidth!

New rule: If you can't be bothered to do your job, you can't bitch about the job someone else does when they step up to the plate in your absence.

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Even though I've been working nearly full time this week, my favorite part of the day is still playing zombie chase with the dog in the backyard.

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A good way to be intriguing to fascinating people and to repel disgusting people is to be authentically queer. 🏳️‍🌈

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Voter Suppression in Pennsylvania 

Trump-backed Republican Doug Mastriano says if he’s elected Pennsylvania governor he’ll make everyone re-register if they want to vote again. Legal scholars say it’s a throwback to laws designed to keep Black people from voting and would violate U.S. law.

Am I the only person on Earth that doesn't care one whit about the celebrity couple divorce?

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The good thing about choosing to work on a holiday is that nobody is around to bother you. The bad thing is, nobody is around that you can ask questions of.

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