okay well time to work on my shopping list and get out of here. CNTRL P prints to the clerk's register receipt tape now. all good hax! :) @moonman @snowdusk_ @patience @cats @cat

@moonman remember when Linus Torvalds repped XFCE as Official for him? yeah I remember that because of Walmart's new Memory Department

@snowdusk @cat DJ Zep is coming all from a public access computer that has realtreeTM camoflauge on sale for the everyday low wire price of $359

@snowdusk Yo! DJ Zep from anonradio just released The Catk111er Album at Walmart tonight at midnight, bought it, ripped it, posted it to zeptar.org/the-zeptar-show

@moonman @patience hey guys bought the new catk111er album from the electronics department here at Walmart and I already ripped it with jack the ripper usb edition and posted it to mixcloud.com/zeptar

@patience ignoring com waiting for the bank to open, listening to mixcloud.com/zeptar

@moonman Joe Rogan buys Rogaine Strain of Recreation Marijuana in our NEW NEW Garden Center here at Walmart*

by zeptar my phone charges at 100 percent and never drains ! @openvoip thanks for putting me in touch with that dime on the line from trunk 525!

@moonman that $111USD off that is it is, anyways im just waiting to find some fine ass Walmart honies who want to go party in my house with no electricity. This is Kansas City, the girls are so wholesome. tx0.org/161 ;)

@moonman and google trimmed 111.00 USD off my account!

@moonman this USB port is slow AF. my electricity is off at my apartment until I pay the bill when I get paid so im here for some candles and supplies and looking for something to charge my phone by moonlight. have no phear it should be restored by Saturday. my parents didn't help me so it was kind of a learning XP. +1 mana too

@moonman@shitposter club this laptop is camoflauge realtreeTM for $359! public access, I thought registratiions were closed at SPC?

@snowdusk hey zeptar here and guess where I am on a public access realtreeTM $359 USD … charging my phone ;) @cat @moonman

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