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Another interesting observation: in the same time frame, about a quarter of the papers in every issue are devoted to computer security, some of it on preventing insider attacks. My cynical take-away: "we will spy and record everything about you, but we do not actually know how to keep any of this data secure, and also we want to punish whistleblowers."

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So ACM has made their journals public access during the pandemic. I have been spending time systematically looking through every issue of Computing Surveys (check it out, one of the best most useful ACM journals). Since 2016, about a third of every issue has been devoted to thinly disguised mass techniques. Something is Very Fucked Up in computer science right now.

Protocols over web apps. The user interface is not the message.

Unit test dilemma time. One of my projects: "Did 666 checks. Pass: 666 (100%)" Do I stop adding tests? Drop a test for every test I add?

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We should get rid of labelling FOSS licences as Permissive and Non-Permissive. Instead we should start using the labels Protective and Non-Protective licenses to mean Copyleft licenses that protects our freedom and open source licenses that doesn't protect our freedom.

We should stop using their vocabulary and start using ours. #FreeSoftware #FOSS #Hegemony

Coronavirus is the Eternal September of Hacker News

COVID-19, Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein 

Video of Donald Trump interrupting Deborah Birx during an April 3 White House press briefing to make a joke about having sex with models. Appalling beyond words.

If your landlord has served you a Notice to Pay Rent or Quit in violation of the mayor's orders, report your landlord to the city:

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Google's IPv6 traffic hasn't dropped below 25% of their total load since December 9, 2019, with a significant jump in the last weeks as everything shifts to home and mobile connections which are more likely to support IPv6.

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Eviction help resources:
Coalition for Economic Survival (213) 252-4411
Eviction Defense Network
Los Angeles Tenants Union (213) 986-8266
Housing Rights Center 800-477-5977
BASTA Inc. (213) 736-5050
Neighborhood Legal Services (800) 433-6251

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@z428 I'm 1FTE running a university's worth of 100% FOSS services. Last year, we had 30k-ish learners using our services. No one could've achieved that (and we have an IT budget of < $4000/year) with MSFT software.

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3d printing, patents, covid-19 

Volunteers 3d print valve that keeps COVID-19 patients alive for ~1 EUR, patent-holder sues because they currently charge 11000 EUR for one single valve

Abolish patents.

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A friend's totally valid posts got blocked.

We now know why:

"Facebook sent home its content moderators this week and announced it would be relying more on its artificial intelligence systems, warning it could make “more mistakes”."

Smart tech is not that smart, but relies on pools of human workers.

We will see the true face of AI and state of natural language understanding now!

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Free software projects have been doing all-remote work for decades before it was cool.

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Why do people think it is ok to use the phrase "deep dive" to refer to essays that are shallow introductions?

Ripgrep tip: put --no-ignore or at least --no-ignore-vcs in your config. Spent a bunch of time debugging link error in an autoconf-ed project last night before realizing that generated header files were not showing up in searches because they were in .gitignore 🤦‍♂️

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