Received a signed paper copy of Vsevolod Dyomkin's Programming Algorithms book in the mail today. Can't wait to read it!

@sir A lot of what people from large companies try to pass off as "software engineering" has nothing to do with engineering (and barely anything to do with software) - it is just mediocre management techniques.

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computer keyboard nerding 

Arrived today: custom Unicomp classic trackball with APL key set. Highly recommended!

Does anyone have tips (preferred e-stores, auction sites, etc) for ordering laptops from Japan? I am thinking about getting this:

@mc Very sad. I met Josh at Living Computers in 2018 when the museum hosted Vintage Computer Festival Pacific NorthWest. He is an amazing hacker and I do not think the retro-computing restoration and emulation work he was involved in as part of his museum position could have been accomplished in other circumstances.

Jeffrey Epstein; education funding; capitalism 

An important thing to consider is that the US is under an economic system where professors from multiple top universities felt compelled to surreptitiously beg for research funding from a wealthy serial sexual predator at the same time as he was using promises of paying for university education to lure in his victims.

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LMI Lambda Lisp Machine emulator LamdbaDelta:

Written mainly by Daniel Seagraves who seems to have a sparse blog here:

He seems to have some real LMI machines now and have been cleaning them up and trying to make them work.

"Everything is a file" because the file system/buffer cache turned out to be the only well-designed part of Unix.

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Microsoft is so insidious... they're worming their way into every major language community and are doing their absolute best to ingratiate themselves with the FOSS community while they continue to destroy computing for consumers

"When AT&T donated the [UNIX] V6 source code to Berkeley, it was classified as industrial waste for tax purposes."

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My favorite bit of early-UNIX history trivia:

When AT&T donated the V6 source code to Berkeley, it was classified as industrial waste for tax purposes.

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“Github CEO Nat Friedman will not reconsider the company's contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE].

“The news comes after a staff meeting wherein Friedman condemned police brutality, adding GitHub would look at ways to help back law enforcement reform.

“Asked by an employee if Friedman would thus reevaluate the company's contracts with ICE and other law enforcement agencies, Friedman said no.”

some employee commentary here:

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blm rebellions 2020, abq, nmpol, violence 

The protest and shooting were at the site of a statue commemorating a Spanish conquistador.

The NM GOP issued a statement condemning him, and retracted it on learning he had run for local office as a Republican.

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blm rebellions 2020, abq, nmpol, violence 

A white man in Albequerque, the son of a sherriff, fired several shots into a crowd of BLM protestors, injuring one person. The police have been recorded referring to him as "an armed friendly".

He is a member of the New Mexico Civil Guard, a far-right boogaloo militia.

"I just remember that the police looked like they were really enjoying it. There were cops shaking with excitement who just couldn’t wait to get in on the action."

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