@alrs Nice. Carburated? I have a 1993 2WD, also red.

I no longer use LLGPL (LGPL with Franz preamble) for my libraries and recommend you do the same. LGPL is fine. Very good examination of the Franz LGPL preamble here: ifosslr.org/index.php/ifosslr/

@publius The abusers are loathe to give up their entitlements and control. Those are their primary goals, everything else (finances, relationships, etc.) is a disposable means that can be sacrificed.

The bourgeoisie are terrified: "Some companies (I worked at one) are creating separate floors or entire buildings for the executive team with steel security doors and high security locks, walls, etc. And men with hidden AR15s to protect them." news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1

Who else is going to the Southern California Linux Expo? Stop by the @fsf Free Software Foundation table in the exhibit hall, I will be there helping Friday and Saturday afternoon.

Fascinating discussion on (what is now termed) net neutrality, privacy, decentralization, etc. of the Internet from 1994, featuring, among others, Alan Kay and Mitch Kapor: youtube.com/watch?v=NXToTGHh52 Very prescient and relevant viewpoints from a quarter of a century ago!

Parenscript 2.7.1 was released last week and is in the December distribution update. common-lisp.net/project/parens

"The first step is to start deprogramming yourself from the cult of tech. Being part of toxic tech culture has a lot in common with being part of a cult." blog.valerieaurora.org/2018/01

@neilalexander This is why I started using w3m this year, and now do most of my web browsing using emacs-w3m.

Turns out climate change is also causing accelerated flash storage bit rot and data loss: anandtech.com/show/9248/the-tr

US voters, watch out for electronic voting machines/vote computers: dailykos.com/stories/2018/10/2

Voting computers are a scam; an automated way to perform electoral fraud. Use paper ballots!

"[Advertising-supported social media] intrinsically undoes and inverts social progress. It's a social progress inverter, and it's built-in, and there is no way to fix it without changing the business structure." --Jaron Lanier youtube.com/watch?v=aDRN_dZNJU


The more I learn about , the more I realize "cattle not pets" is the automated equivalent of being a Windows NT sysadmin. "Reboot the server, maybe that will fix it." Bonus horror story (seems like a redundant phrase at this point): utcc.utoronto.ca/~cks/space/bl

Spent the weekend reading garbage collection papers. Everyone is citing Baker†. I just wish they would: 1. Actually read Baker's paper. So many bogus claims about the algo. Also the "novel" techniques that turn out to be in Baker's paper already. 2. Present their algo in concise pseudo-code for the Lisp 1.5 model like Baker does. WTF does you algo actually do? 3. Give mathematical analysis of algo properties, and an informal proof of correctness, like Baker does.


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