Received a signed paper copy of Vsevolod Dyomkin's Programming Algorithms book in the mail today. Can't wait to read it!

tip: check out how the Roswell launcher can help you test your libraries in multiple implementations: I am working on an integration for unit test libraries that is planned to result in this being available in roswell automatically for any CL system that defines an ASDF test-op.

Info if you are interested in Gorgon Stare

SRI ImagCalc project on automated surveillance in 1982, later added video and ran until 2017.

At 2007 ILC, Connolly and Quam demoed automated tracking on aerial and CCTV video. By that time the problem was long solved; they were working on automated event detection.

Also 2007, Connolly et al Recovering
Social Networks From Massive Track Datasets

I no longer use LLGPL (LGPL with Franz preamble) for my libraries and recommend you do the same. LGPL is fine. Very good examination of the Franz LGPL preamble here:

For fun I hack , packages, on and . For work I hack on those and a big bunch of other things too. Into motorcycle touring, cycling, sometimes dabble in car customizing.

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