Received a signed paper copy of Vsevolod Dyomkin's Programming Algorithms book in the mail today. Can't wait to read it!

computer keyboard nerding 

Arrived today: custom Unicomp classic trackball with APL key set. Highly recommended!

Salt Lake City riot police deliberately target disabled elderly man 

Notice how the ABC reporter frames it: "Sadly a man was just knocked off his feet." As if that happened by accident. Followed right up by: "Officer now helping him up." Fucking piece of shit corporate media liars.

George Floyd; new surveillance video 

Newly released surveillance video from a nearby business shows what appears to be J. Alexander Kueng beating George Floyd inside the police car from the driver side as Tou Thao watches on.

Car customizing 

Photo of my twinning with my buddy's 240. Spent some time working on the new saloon interior today.

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