The bourgeoisie are terrified: "Some companies (I worked at one) are creating separate floors or entire buildings for the executive team with steel security doors and high security locks, walls, etc. And men with hidden AR15s to protect them."

@vsedach Yes, I’ve been reading about this kind of thing for a while. The elites are convinced that some kind of collapse is inevitable, so rather than attempt to avert it by measures that would ameliorate the problems (some of which would involve giving up power), they are planning to kill their way through. The current fetich for apocalypse storylines in popular entertainment is tied up with this.

@publius The abusers are loathe to give up their entitlements and control. Those are their primary goals, everything else (finances, relationships, etc.) is a disposable means that can be sacrificed.

@vsedach There is a vital need to stop rewarding this kind of mindset & behaviour. Some people will always incline that way, but some can be steered onto another course, & the damage from the others can be limited.

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