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“When you type characters, a gnome deep in the system gathers your characters and saves them in a secret place.”
UNIX™ Time-Sharing System Volume 1: UNIX Programmer's Manual

routing domains and VPNs are the peanut butter and jelly of network tunneling.

Apparently, anything the US government can do to actually provide people with useful services is "Obviously that is just not in the cards these days." But subsidizing Amazon is great!

Update to my previous toot on in httpd: `listen on *` is changed to listen on IPv6 and IPv4 addresses in -current:

httpd tip: `listen on *` only binds on IPv4, use `listen on ::` to bind on

State of web development in 2018: the best guide to mobile web development is an OpenBSD CVS commit message: 🤦

@SDF tooting this from lynx from using @gcupc Mastodon web front-end Def. a more accessible and appropriate web interface.

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I would like to announce a public server running #brutaldon:

Brutaldon is a brutalist, Web 1.0 web interface for Mastodon. You can use it as a client for any instance. Currently you do not need a separate brutaldon account. It is compatible with almost any web browser, including text-mode browsers like lynx, w3m, or eww.

Screenshots, issues tracker, and source code are available at

Have fun!

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In the 1960s, IBM sold computers to business with the slogan "machines should work; people should think."

In 2018, Silicon Valley startups have the mantra: "computers should think; people should work (for pennies)."

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Webdesign (including fonts) got so bad that there's actually a "reader mode" in browsers now that makes sites look like they did 20 years ago
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Reproducible #bioinformatics (#genomics analysis) pipelines with Guix

"[…] We hope that #PiGx and the reproducibility analysis we presented in the paper can serve as a useful case study demonstrating the importance of a principled approach to #computational #reproducibility and the effectiveness of #Guix in the pursuit of #reproducible #software #management."

eshell/comint tip: when a poorly written program stops in the middle of output and messes up your screen state (colors, etc), run `tput -Txterm reset`. Eshell and comint both understand a variety of ANSI terminal escape sequences, even though they advertise themselves as dumb terminals by default. General tip: don't hard-code ANSI escape codes into your programs' output - that breaks all kinds of scripting and interactive use cases. Use termcap/ncurses.

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Debian LTS: With extended non- Debian volunteer help it provides 5 years of support.

FreeBSD Stable: Volunteer in-project support provides 5 years of updates.

CentOS: Volunteer project derived from a commercial upstream. 10 years of support.

Google / Android IoT: Claps itself on the back for 3 Years of security updates.

I like to joke that US universities are semi-professional football teams with libraries. TIL that they are trying to drop the libraries:

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