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“When you type characters, a gnome deep in the system gathers your characters and saves them in a secret place.”
UNIX™ Time-Sharing System Volume 1: UNIX Programmer's Manual

I was just watching this video of Fall 1983 COMDEX made by Dan Bricklin and Cheryl Moreau, when I noticed the Apricot PC with keyboard top row soft programmable function keys with an LCD label display: As pointless in 1983 as the Apple "touch bar" in 2016.

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finally have a very rough draft of a paper about JACL, my #lisp, for ELS. check it out, thanks in advance for feedback!

Pondering this question from 1991: “Can America afford to take the "high" out of high technology?”

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Once again, XKCD cuts through all the arguments. The decade start is officially resolved. Done. Finito!

Came across this post while reading about : "A slight performance gain of 1% by using Fortran has a noticeable effect on long-term economic gains" because bank is doing 100 million transactions a second. Can someone explain how is supposed to handle this transaction volume? Also, I want to learn FORTRAN now. What are your favorite FORTRAN books?

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Want a clock visible while you edit text in ed(1)? 

Info if you are interested in Gorgon Stare

SRI ImagCalc project on automated surveillance in 1982, later added video and ran until 2017.

At 2007 ILC, Connolly and Quam demoed automated tracking on aerial and CCTV video. By that time the problem was long solved; they were working on automated event detection.

Also 2007, Connolly et al Recovering
Social Networks From Massive Track Datasets

New FSF website for Respect Your Freedom hardware certification lists:

human trafficking, phone apps 

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"The fight isn't just in the streets, it's important to resist fascists online."
Like... probably sorta true.

But the fact that fascists claim space by getting you to debate them hasn't changed. And they get that space regardless of who wins the debate.

You wanna deny fascists space? Get them banned. Get them blocked. Get them demonetized and defunded. Hack them. Infiltrate them. Undermine them.

But. deny. them. space.

Wondering what to do with all those bits in your address? How about encoding mnemonic strings (hostnames, people names, whatever) in the interface identifier?

In case you were looking for some text files about systems programming in DOS:

I can't tell if the following help-wanted ad is real: "golang only Onsite in Richmond, CA (bay area) Certified Organic Farm and Internet Security Company Some greenhouse work, must be able to lift & carry 50lb feed sack 100 yd. Vegans need not apply. Work monday-thursday, 4 day work week. Female programmers get preference. previous golang experience required."

I no longer use LLGPL (LGPL with Franz preamble) for my libraries and recommend you do the same. LGPL is fine. Very good examination of the Franz LGPL preamble here:

The bourgeoisie are terrified: "Some companies (I worked at one) are creating separate floors or entire buildings for the executive team with steel security doors and high security locks, walls, etc. And men with hidden AR15s to protect them."

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