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"When AT&T donated the [UNIX] V6 source code to Berkeley, it was classified as industrial waste for tax purposes."

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“When you type characters, a gnome deep in the system gathers your characters and saves them in a secret place.”
UNIX™ Time-Sharing System Volume 1: UNIX Programmer's Manual

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LA Sheriffs surrounded a peaceful press conference by @NLG_LosAngeles this morning.

Sheriffs in riot gear pointed weapons at press and legal observers. A sheriff assaulted a lawyer.

County Supervisor @mridleythomas condemned the blatant intimidation tactics.📸 IG:vishal.p.singh


One of the things that struck me from reading Mihail Sebastian's Journal, 1935-1944: The Fascist Years were descriptions of mass panic hunts for Jewish "saboteurs" in Bucharest. Today, Americans are busy hunting each other:

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If you are still not convinced that the United States is undergoing a collapse: gangs of white men with assault rifles are threatening journalists covering the forest fires in Oregon.

Sept. 4 Portland fascism; graphic police violence 

September 4 2020

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Happy birthday to the late John McCarthy, father of AI & LISP: (credit: @wired)

I thought I had seen some bad things in the US recently, but this is a new low. In 2018, current sheriff David Beth advocated for building death camps that would be turned into Amazon warehouses "after this generation is gone, they've perished in these buildings."

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My brain is exploding after playing with I've been looking for years for a simple pedagogical OS that boils things down to their essence and is yet easy to get running on any computer.

I've always had a question in my mind about how to bootstrap the OS. I knew about BIOS but vaguely considered it "cheating" when compared to the "purer" way of working within the processor's ISA. But I'm starting to realize that BIOS is _part of the ISA_.

Mu will soon drop Linux. Watch.

This is a good explanation of the ongoing fascist violence in US cities (specifically about Portland, but it is very similar but on a smaller scale here in Los Angeles) and how and why the police are enabling it:

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"Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say."
— Edward Snowden

Similarly, the argument that you don't care about software freedom because you don't know coding can be considered as same. It's like arguing that you don't care about the food you eat because you don't know cooking!

#FreeSoftware #SoftwareFreedom

When my art gallery windows were smashed in the 2016 Trump election riots in Los Angeles, I had the same reaction. Full support for the protesters.

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"Ruhel Islam, owner of the Gandhi Mahal restaurant in Mpls (a block away from third precinct) said.... "Let my building burn. Justice needs to be served, put those officers in jail.""

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Do not believe the propaganda that small business owners in US cities support the fascist militias. "The owners of this car dealership in Kenosha say they have sustained hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage in the last 2 nights of protests & that insurers say they don’t cover this type of destruction. “But if it actually gets justice, sure burn it 20 times”"

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#Icecat is not just a rebrand, it does significant changes from Firefox, that's why it can't use "firefox" name unlike Debian's version of Firefox. It also removes DRM from firefox's source code(Not just disable it).

And Icecat is not being maitained is not true, Just visit the Git page and you'll see recent commits.

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neo-Nazis have been staging regular weekly rallies in Tujunga. The Los Angeles Police Department response has consisted of assaulting and arresting a woman protesting against the neo-Nazis. She needs help paying her hospital bills (remember this is the United States, where even if you have health insurance, you still need to pay most of the medical costs because of "co-pays"). If you can spare, give her some money:

Police violence and brutality against protesters in the US has not stopped and is only intensifying. over the past week: Even here in there were several protesters arrested last week. Media coverage has dropped off, the police are getting more fascistic (incl. collaboration with white supremacists). I am starting to get more and more concerned.

Miroslav Štěpán, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee in Prague, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for authorizing the use of tear gas against demonstrators in Prague in 1988. Just in alone, tear gas has been deployed almost continuously against demonstrators for the past 79 days. Why is no one in the United States being held accountable for the use of tear gas?

Received a signed paper copy of Vsevolod Dyomkin's Programming Algorithms book in the mail today. Can't wait to read it!

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computer keyboard nerding 

Arrived today: custom Unicomp classic trackball with APL key set. Highly recommended!

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