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“When you type characters, a gnome deep in the system gathers your characters and saves them in a secret place.”
UNIX™ Time-Sharing System Volume 1: UNIX Programmer's Manual

Turns out climate change is also causing accelerated flash storage bit rot and data loss:

US voters, watch out for electronic voting machines/vote computers:

Voting computers are a scam; an automated way to perform electoral fraud. Use paper ballots!

"[Advertising-supported social media] intrinsically undoes and inverts social progress. It's a social progress inverter, and it's built-in, and there is no way to fix it without changing the business structure." --Jaron Lanier

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The more I learn about , the more I realize "cattle not pets" is the automated equivalent of being a Windows NT sysadmin. "Reboot the server, maybe that will fix it." Bonus horror story (seems like a redundant phrase at this point):

Spent the weekend reading garbage collection papers. Everyone is citing Baker†. I just wish they would: 1. Actually read Baker's paper. So many bogus claims about the algo. Also the "novel" techniques that turn out to be in Baker's paper already. 2. Present their algo in concise pseudo-code for the Lisp 1.5 model like Baker does. WTF does you algo actually do? 3. Give mathematical analysis of algo properties, and an informal proof of correctness, like Baker does.

Here is a video of Jef Raskin's Leap UI: with Org-mode and EXWM looks surprisingly similar. It doesn't seem like it would be hard to make -like keybindings either. Need to get a Cat manual and think about it. Japanese 108-key QWERTY keyboards have a short spacebar with modifiers nearby that can serve as thumb-operated Leap keys as in the Cat.

routing domains and VPNs are the peanut butter and jelly of network tunneling.

Apparently, anything the US government can do to actually provide people with useful services is "Obviously that is just not in the cards these days." But subsidizing Amazon is great!

Update to my previous toot on in httpd: `listen on *` is changed to listen on IPv6 and IPv4 addresses in -current:

httpd tip: `listen on *` only binds on IPv4, use `listen on ::` to bind on

State of web development in 2018: the best guide to mobile web development is an OpenBSD CVS commit message: 🤦

@SDF tooting this from lynx from using @gcupc Mastodon web front-end Def. a more accessible and appropriate web interface.

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I would like to announce a public server running #brutaldon:

Brutaldon is a brutalist, Web 1.0 web interface for Mastodon. You can use it as a client for any instance. Currently you do not need a separate brutaldon account. It is compatible with almost any web browser, including text-mode browsers like lynx, w3m, or eww.

Screenshots, issues tracker, and source code are available at

Have fun!

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