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Vladimir Sedach @vsedach@mastodon.sdf.org

My opinionated guide to the hottest trends for that have been living under a , part one: Docker is fancy chroot(8), serverless is fancy inetd(8)

"[E]verybody just downloads precompiled binaries from random websites... Docker...[f]eels like downloading Windows shareware in the 90s" vitavonni.de/blog/201503/20150 "we live in an age where people install npm packages like they’re popping pain killers" hackernoon.com/im-harvesting-c

apt install doc-rfc all the rfcs to /usr/share/doc/rfc !

Nice article on getting desktop manager goodies without the bloat in the window manager by Tory Anderson: tech.toryanderson.com/2018/03/

Every Android app I've ever written inevitably breaks because of some Android version update. And yet the Space Jam website from 1996 still works fine: warnerbros.com/archive/spaceja

Recently learned about integration in GNU Make 4.0. Some neat examples from Georgi Valkov: github.com/gvalkov/gnu-make-to Keen on trying this out.

Remember when we'd talk on topic-focused message boards? Flame wars got heated, but rarely spilled over.

If you dared, you could also visit the off-topic boards, at the risk of seeing people at their worst.

Social media dispenses with topics. It's ALL the off-topic boards now.

career : "always [be] putting out fires so [you] look good to management who don't realize [you] are also the arsonist" news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1

Netflix ideas from tilde.town "we had a movie night. i streamed a VHS tape via an RCA USB adapter and a bunch of us watched."

"I deployed before the widespread use of this kind of analytics, and I deployed after it became ubiquitous. It is the single most powerful force multiplier I can think of... And it will be abused."


"I was in the infantry and conducted many missions using information "curated" by various intelligence organizations... this is an extremely dangerous thing for domestic law enforcement to be using... We should be fighting tooth and nail against companies with access to mountains of metadata like Facebook and Google."


There are like, twice the number of Microsoft people as Red Hat people at . Microsoft: hurry up and release a desktop distribution already.

At in Pasadena. Any other Mastodon users here?

For fun I hack , packages, on and . For work I hack on those and a big bunch of other things too. Into motorcycle touring, cycling, sometimes dabble in car customizing.