Ah, @correiosbr sempre garantindo que o Brasil não seja parte do mundo civilizado.

Era para ser um RPico W. Aquele chipset wifi+bt é parece interessante e a biblioteca proprietária não é obrigatória pra quem quer baixar o nível, o próprio fabricante tem drivers open source .

Me sentindo o Hackerman por ter descoberto a senha "do sistema" no guichê da Catarinense na rodoviária de Curitiba 😂

From @PulpLibrarian at twitter.com/PulpLibrarian/stat :

Computer criminals! You can run...

World Of Tomorrow: School, Work & Play by Neil Ardley. Usborne Books, 1981.

My town is burning ... record heat wave here. Somebody please send Queen Elsa to the southern hemisphere.

in a nutshell

“So you can’t own the precious physically, but you can pay to have your name listed as its owner in an online distributed database.”

From birdsite: twitter.com/AdamSacks/status/1

I'm not a gamer and I never saw what makes people so interested in Twitch, but *this* thing just got me. That's a perfect hack in the good old sense of the word.

The complete thread is no less interesting, btw: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

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