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A couple of weeks ago for Episode 63 - 64 of The Server Room Show I had the pleasure to talk to Tarus Balog who was an awesome guest with a lot of interesting bits to share about The OpenNMS Group and the OpenNMS Monitoring Software. We ended up talking for 1,5 hour hence I had two episodes out of one long conversation. :)

He wrote some very kind thoughts about this encounter on his personal blog site at:

Shownotes Articles are now found on my own website and not on anonradio anymore.

Including the upcoming Episode 65 - Alternative for Google's Workspace

You can either hit the RED Read the Shownotes button from the website

or just go straight to the articles at:

@viktormadarasz You'd be surprised. Problem is that not many can probably connect when you do it live, but they might download it for listening/watching later. That's kind of how I do my other podcasts. I don't have time to watch it live, but recorded in my podcatcher can be anytime. 👍

Started to move my shownotes / articles to a unified new place i own and control..

Now if You click on the website on the red button Read the Shownotes

It takes You to a new page where i started to upload all my past and future shownotes and articles regarding to The Server Room Show Podcast

Do you know anyone browsing web with unusual hardware and/or operating system? Out of the usual Windows/Linux/Android/iOS scope? Please point them here:

Explanation here: gopher://

If you don't speak gopher:

"Making of" screenshot attached.

(Boosting the post will help.)

@gemlog I keep hearing stuff like "foxes are cat software running on dog hardware"

With only 5$ each of the 121 followers of The Server Room Show on Mastodon only would overfund this Gofundme petition.

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Im running this community podcast about IT and computers for more than a year now... I think it is time to upgrade the microphone I am using to record the show.
As I am doing this as a volunteer non profit through two registered organizations ( which is part of and I do not have the budget for this to happen on my own.
The goal is 535 euros for an EV Re20 and here is a link to the item where its purchase price is clearly visible:

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