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Pretty awesome to finally see an Open Source CAD get to the point of being a serious competitor to any Autodesk products. Even better that it's greed that is pushing most users to discover and use FreeCAD.

TSR - The Server Room Show - Episode 50 - Interview with Dr Marshall Kirk McKusick premiers on the 31st of October 2020 at 3pm UTC time

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* Did You ever miss the chance you were given to go and work for Sun Microsystems?

* Kirk’s comments on my statement regarding the Linux Foundation receiving a lot of money through major corporations as Gold and Platinum sponsors (Microsoft, etc.) which is kind of a takeover is already happening in place steering its focus towards what these company’s have in their interests while the FreeBSD Foundation receiving very little money compared to the Linux Foundation while still the FreeBSD Foundation is doing an impressive job with the much smaller amount they are getting.


*f BSD was not frozen up for 3 long years during the AT&T Lawsuit period which allowed Linux to get a head start.. Would BSD be what Linux is today?

* Linus Torvalds wrote an article back in 2004 about the prediction of the death of BSD, How much of Linus’ prediction has come true?


*What do you feel when you look back on the history of BSD and what it became today including FreeBSD?

* Did You get involved eventually with FreeBSD after BSD ceased to exist because you felt FreeBSD could be the proper continuation of the BSD flag so to say?

* Text editor of your choice, Which one are you using?

*What do you think of the ZFS file system?

TSR - The Server Room Show - Episode 49 - Professional Audio Production on Linux is available

Have you listen to it yet?

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Gogs is a great alternative to Github . You can selfhost it even on a raspberry pi with Docker.

Works for me via http for now ssh still gives me pain for probably something on my computer :) I will google the solution

Say No to Github

TSR - The Server Room Show - Episode 49 - Professional Audio Production on Linux is available

More info:

@viktormadarasz Actually no. I'm listening on location and Ben is listening from home. 😸 software downloads for old versions of programs, drivers & games

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Today at 3PM Utc time

TSR - The Server Room Show - Episode 49 - Professional Audio Production on Linux is coming up Live at 3PM UTC on the 24th of October 2020

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TSR - The Server Room Show - Episode 48 - Alternatives to Google Analytics is available

Have You listened to it already?

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to @viktormadarasz talk about Google Analytics and alternatives to it on show. You can listen in on and and chat with listeners on 's aNONradio COM room or the Tilderadio channel on 👨‍💻 👩‍💻

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