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Of just us Cool Cats Daddy-o, yeah!
If you don't dig mah radio get off my patio daddy-o! Way out man!
(need to rhyme radio to padio)
@claudiom @snowdusk

Also, it's not only us. How many live last time snowy? You mentioned it, but I forget exactly.
@claudiom @snowdusk

Not true at all!
I am still toiling on the week before last''s lesson on server monitoring. Don't fool yourself.

I sit and wait till this becomes America and Canada's No. 1 item in every home and every household.

Pretty much like King James Bible

In the meantime drop by the website at:

The Website:

Updated with Episode 43 - OpenBSD

which aired yesterday at 3PM UTC time with links to and Youtube to enjoy :)

The Server Room Show - Episode 43 - OpenBSD

Direct Video Link with Audio fixed and enhanced:


@viktormadarasz He's doing well! And yes, he understands Spanish quite well since we all talk to him in Spanish. 😀 @gemlog @jasmaz

The Server Room Show - Episode 43 - OpenBSD

is out in the usual places both in audio and video formats.

I fixed the audio under the video stream so You can enjoy it as it was intended in great quality.

I corrected the problem and I wil have no audio issues under the live stream any more.

Listen to The Server Room with @viktormadarasz as he discusses 's history and how it compares to Linux and the other major BSDs. Catch him on either or . 👨‍💻 🐡

For all of you who speak spanish this is a new podcast with a friend of mine about life in Spain from a foreigners point of view.

Route 97 is an incredibly unique highway. It is the longest continuous north-south route in North America. More than 2,000 km of road stretches from northern California all the way to the Yukon.
Nicknamed ‘The Electric Highway’ because along the way there are about 2,000 charging stations, giving electric vehicle owners the range confidence to make a long distance road trip possible.

Well this is refreshing..don't think I've ever been to a site that recommends using an adblocker. Awesome! Way to be!

OpenBSD people ... I have a question as I am preparing an article for the next episode about OpenBSD in general and PF...

Just exactly/approx. how good of a firewall You can build out of OpenBSD? Should I simply think of pFsense or it can go way beyond that (more secure, more features, IDS/IPS)?

This is where it all happens....

Using a local docker container with Nginx to run an exact copy of the website and test the changes of the layout or content before uploading to the cloud server which runs on proxmox in a centos vm hosting the page.

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