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The Server Room Show - Episode 36 - The IT Job Market in Spain

I talk about my experience living and working in Spain for the past 12+ years from my point of view and opinion.

Please read the accompanying shownotes I had to cut short before reaching to the end and the final conclusion or moral of the story.

I had a good 6-7 minute worth of extra material I wanted to share with You....

All Links to Recordings and Shownotes at:

@gemlog @claudiom

A New Episode being prepared behind the curtains.....

Amiga Forever 8.3.7 + Amiga 4000 with PPC Expansion emulated + AmigaOS 4.1 Update 2 Classic

Just finished repairing this little gem of a RISC PC. Recapped the motherboard and VRAM stick, PSU still to do. ARM610 (33MHz), 64MB RAM and 2MB VRAM, RO3.70.
This is my "ARGH this won't work on RO4" machine.
Still undecided whether to install a CD-ROM drive.

Live in 15minutes

Episode 36 of The Server Room Show

Links for Live Video and Audio at

Coming up at 0200 UTC on is jasmaz with VINTAGE COMPUTERS: TED Talk. The MOS technology 8360 TED CPU. (929)299-1269

Here's a native #vnc client for #wayland. If you are building from #darcs you can already use this in #hikari 😸

I know You People Love More These Kind of Shownotes... This will come as well... But I will do the IT Job Scenario in Spain this Saturday and I d love to know what is similar or different in the places where You are all from.

P.s: If You are a Black Cat You Dont Need to Worry For Any of These... You have Human Servants to Take Care of You

Lately I get these GPU hungs error messages on console and the system becomes unresponsive..even the clock on xfce desktop (only mouse cursor works) mainly happens in Iridium browser.

workaround is to switch ctr alt f1 to console amd hit a few enter keys and come back to ctrl alt f9 and life continues


Freebsd latest on lenovo x220 with Intel GPU

@crispr has some great stuff on its blog, updated a few times a week.

#KDE #linux folx, who among you has a LIGHT plasma desktop theme that you really like that doesn't try to look like windows or macOS?

I've joined the #GitHub Profile README club and automated the process to display my latest blog posts πŸŽ‰ Here's a short write-up πŸ‘‡οΈ

With 24h delay to usual but both Videocast and Audio Recordings are up in the archives at the usual places for yesterdays Episode 35 - Emulating Forgotten Realms - Part II.


Today at 3PM UTC Time The 35th Episode of the Server Room Show - Emulating Forgotten Realms - Part II. streams live at and @tilderadio

Links as always for Live Video cast and Live Audio Links at:

This is the First Live Dual Stream to Both Radio stations at once ( the one last week was from recording and failed to go through at anonradio due to an error in ezstream config file I made) ((but its up in the archives for anonradio folks to enjoy)

Anyone know how can i switch under byobu multiplexer in weechat between those numberd tabs or buffers .. i dont know what to call them... the ones with the numbers 1 , 2 and 3 referred to them

2 days so far I cant figure.... did not google enough for sure..

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