Should I stream live during the show to as previously or take advantage and stream to the youtube channel i created for it?

Dillo is more of a lynx-like gui for x11. You can also play with konqueror.
I wish there was more to tell you.
Personally, I use a FF that has its telemetry disabled, privacy badger, decentraleyes, ublockorigin, neaturl, smartreferer and heavy use of TemporaryContainers
Sometimes I tunnel proxy through a different country via ssh where I have a login just for sport too. ssh -D 9999...gemlog@xxx...

@gemlog @onepict oh boy 😔Brave browser i did not even want to ask...
Lynx it is then

@gemlog Chrome -- Evil , Firefox -- Evil ... What Browser I have left to use?

And yes, it will always happen: people see business opportunities and jump in, and with venture capital it is possible to put-organize us, again and again. Welcome to capitalism. But there’s hope: the grim reaper that cuts down enterprises in a pandemic, in an economic crisis. When profits are gone, we’re still there. Gopher is still there. RSS is still there. Plan 9 is still there. Emacs is still there. (Vim, too.) Forth is still there. Email is still there.

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250 of us have been laid off from Mozilla this morning.

If you have openings or can offer assistance, please use the #MozillaLifeboat tag!

My phone thinks I am a time traveller...This or Parallel Universes do exist where my car is from an alternate/parallel universe from the future

@tbn97 No complaints there on FreeBSD as a server. It lives up to its slogan tenfold. If you do decide on a desktop BSD without the fuss of setting up from vanilla BSD, check out GhostBSD or FuryBSD.

@claudiom @tbn97 tried FuryBSD myself on an older laptop. it gets you up and running including Xorg in no time without the need to do anything manually

Looking for a fun hacking project? How about these NOS QNX computers?

can someone share that meme where a black cat shows how properly wear a face mask? i can not find it......

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