@viktormadarasz @galaxis I should also mention I got going with PF in 2014 with the help of Peter N. Hansteen's Book of PF ( @pitrh).

Peter has produced many useful resources on PF, and his work has typically backed by discussions directly with the developers. His work is well-regarded and highly recommended.


@viktormadarasz @galaxis It's possible to implement simple but powerful custom rules with tables, or more advanced processing in userland with the pf divert-to statement.

Policy-based firewalling with tags is also a pretty neat feature to keep the ruleset manageable.

The PF User's Guide is also worth a read - openbsd.org/faq/pf

I'd like to have a nice overview of my finances, but was never blown away by any of the open-source tools in this space: there are many, but I never felt too comfortable committing to any particular one.

Happy to see many (larger and smaller) tools now seem to be converging on a shared 'ledger' format under the banner of #plaintextaccounting (plaintextaccounting.org/).

What would be the best platform for a fundraiser for 535€ to be able to replace my microphone i use for the podcast??

@gemlog i also think that the way i use cloudflare and warp i cause pain to noone and indeed the arguments pro and con to cloudflare is a very complex issue

@gemlog i use cloudflare for my websites to protect them from ddos and things... i know many people hate both

@gemlog @claudiom Exactly my friend ... what caused it was i forgot to turn off my crontab and it rerun again last weeks episode .. and when i wanted to join to anonradio and tilderadio i was getting connection reject nothing else..

But .. I did the full show and its already on Youtube as I streamed there here is the link


and soon i upload as a podcast as always

Next week i will be more careful

Enjoy the Database episode what You came here for :)

Friday Morning Selfie, ec ☕ 

@claudiom all.these selfies and everything but when a new photo of Ben and Bruno?

AlmaLinux – answering the community need for a CentOS replacement


Soon on The Server Room Show a Special Interview with Igor Seletskiy CEO and Founder of CloudLinux

@gemlog i might end up doing tomorrow episode live as i cant find the time to record it tough i should..

@gemlog thats very kind of you ... salmon i love but im sure what i can get my hands on here has nothing to do with the quality over there

@gemlog i know and i highly appreciate it that I have friends from Canda listening to my podcast :)

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