@jonw I carry 3x smaller 256GB SSD with that laptop .. one has windows / freebsd /linux

All ready to go and configured with all the apps needed at any moment

Whatever hits me on the road Im ready to respond :)

also i always keep a VM powered on at home when travelling so I can RDP or SSH back ,,home" and access anything I might need on my internal network just in case

@jonw without photos its just words :)

I have my X220 the oldest I own with a terrible trackpad which stopped working ( maybe because of the BIOS hack flashed?) but anyways it works like a charm

I can swap ssd easily in an out to run Linux OR BSD in a matter of seconds

Laptops of today I have to remove 20 screws even sometimes torx to switch SSD/HDD and most of the time it doesnt worth the hassle

This is as quick as it was just modular nearly

Running an early model ThinkPad is like driving a VW Beetle. It doesn't have the best stuff in it, but it turns heads.

Latest Episode of The Server Room Show - Episode 27 - Open Source Vs Closed Source Software and some words on the FSF and FOSS Licenses

Available on the usual places in FLAC, MP3 and Video Stream Recording ...


@viktormadarasz LOL! 😹 BTW, thank you for reminding me that your show is on later. 👍

@claudiom Im seriously thinking about an episode when my Live Guest joining via Jitsi meet will be Ben the Black Cat :)

TSR - The Server Room - Episode 27 - Open Source Software Vs Closed Source , Licenses and the FSF - Free Software Foundation

Coming up at 3pm UTC Time

All links to live feed for video and audio including contact details as always at:


Find a cool product on #Amazon?

That company exists OFF Amazon, too.

1) #DDG company name.

2) Order from their site.

2a) Can usually find a 10% code!

3) Still get product in 2-8 days.

4) Company avoids losing 25% margin share to Amazon.

5) You avoid giving money to #Bezos.

TSR - The Server Room Show - Episode 26 - My Journey from Gnome To XFCE

All the links for recordings *audio & video* together with the shownotes can be found as usual at:


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