Episode 09 ReMastered has been uploaded in FLAC Lossless to anchor.fm

using my own url shortener domain and QR Code via Rebrandly


Topics: Pi-Hole - Network Wide Ad Blocking - A Black Hole For Internet Advertisements
Call in and Contact details:
DID: +1 910 665 9191
SIP: 261414@sanjose2.voip.ms
Email: viktormadarasz@sdf.org

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Episode Notes:

I did Mastering on all the episodes so far through TRacks ( EQ, Compressor, Limiter, etc.) and uploaded the full shows in Flac here:


The Idea was to give more body and quality to the original unprocessed recordings..

I used the same chain on plugins on all episodes with the same settings except where I had to mess a bit with some values to try to overcome distortion or saturation or lack of gain.

I think they sound much better like this.

The Alpinist will make a comeback in Jan 2020

Im really thinking about the SBDC087 the Black dial + SS Bracelet Cal. 6R35 (improved Power Reserve, Maintains same Accuracy and WR 200M)

It will be around 700 euros.

I liked the original Alpinist SARB017 but the Green dial held me back a bit always ( But no doubt the best caliber and quality money could buy under 400 Euros)

JDM - Japanese Domestic Market Seikos are just The BEST.

Microphone upgrade

Microphone has been upgraded to a Shure PGA58 Dynamic Microphone

It means better quality and lower noise bleed-in to the live broadcast / recording

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