My phone thinks I am a time traveller...This or Parallel Universes do exist where my car is from an alternate/parallel universe from the future

@claudiom Ben .. I just tried this one today for lunch on the frying pan with very little olive oil to fry and it turned out

I got mine in Costco.. Order Your Human to Drive to the closest and Shall Not Be Back Till He brings You at least 2x packages of these Alaskan Wild Salmon burgers :)

The Server Room Show - Episode 38 - About Commodore & Amiga - Part I. has been uploaded to all the archive places as usual for those who missed it.

The Video Recordings of Previous Shows Can Be Found Now Also on Youtube Apart From The Peertube Instance

Preparing My Homelab for some updates... Most of it just organization tasks and labeling and separating Core Network Infra from Servers * so i can handle them on separate powerstrip.. * i wish i had managed PDUs . .. And pretty much to organize back neat everything and try to do something with the mess itself.

@gemlog @claudiom

A New Episode being prepared behind the curtains.....

Amiga Forever 8.3.7 + Amiga 4000 with PPC Expansion emulated + AmigaOS 4.1 Update 2 Classic

Lately I get these GPU hungs error messages on console and the system becomes unresponsive..even the clock on xfce desktop (only mouse cursor works) mainly happens in Iridium browser.

workaround is to switch ctr alt f1 to console amd hit a few enter keys and come back to ctrl alt f9 and life continues


Freebsd latest on lenovo x220 with Intel GPU

Anyone know how can i switch under byobu multiplexer in weechat between those numberd tabs or buffers .. i dont know what to call them... the ones with the numbers 1 , 2 and 3 referred to them

2 days so far I cant figure.... did not google enough for sure..

i can´t find anything of this Shure wireless microphone set labeled DY110W on google..

Anyone has any more info on it?

Screenshot is from a series from 1993 ( the episode aired in 1993)

I added these two pictures:

It happpened on correctly as much as i saw from radiobot status messages

However on it did not because of an error in the ezstream code i used

i forgot to remove /pkg/ part from paths of lame and madplay 😂😂😂😂

I have to check how to upload the episode to archives for proper safe keep

Meantime can use the links to my recording archives both audio only and video stream recording for this missing episode at:

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It is Official.

The Server Room Show is dual streaming at 3pm UTC Time Every Saturday on and

Welcome to listeners throughout the

As a bonus also reruns of previous Episodes of the Show is coming soon at an undisclosed hour/day so keep Your ears open

All the links as always at:

@romanzolotarev Finally my Lenovo X220 on FreeBSD with Xfce and a RunBSD sticker.

I was previously running BSD on VMs and secondary hw but this is the first time I dedicated a physical HW purposefully chosen to RunBSD as its main and only system.

This Lenovo X220 was obtained with the above in mind trying to make sure it was as compatible as possible OOB.

Just in time for 's 3 Part Episode commemorating the History of BSD

Installed FreeBSD with Xorg and XFCE on my Lenovo X220 with intel drivers for GPU. No tearing or issues under XFCE

touchpad doesnt work since X220 BIOS Hack update for sure..but Im fine with external usb Mouse.

Battery also blown only giving about 30min or so backup.

Still I like my Lenovo X220 :)

Getting prepared for Today's Two Part Episode at 3PM UTC Time at

Episode 30. - History of BSD - Part I.

Another Bit Dry and Academic But Fun Episode to Listen While Commuting or Just Being Somewhere else with Headphones

Thanks to @gemlog

I added 2x widgets to the Website:

One shows UTC Time Vs Local Time relative to where You live *visit the website from*

Another one which shows How many hours left untill the Next Episode of The Server Room to go live relative again to Your Local time

TSR - The Server Room
New Timeslot at

!! 3PM UTC Time Every Saturday !!

Please see the below screenshot as its Self Explanatory

Install @Home on Your Computers and Join the Server Room Show's team effort to help find a cure for using the team code 258277

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