@viktormadarasz All the cutly links are 404 :-(
All urls in mastodon 'cost' 25 chars, shorter or longer. Shorteners aren't needed or useful on mastodon.

@gemlog thanks let me review them .. maybe when I paste them in something breaks with the formatting...


yes this particular post inserted behind the links each some unwanted characters which is/was not present on other posts published "%E2%80%8B"


@viktormadarasz Why not paste the actual url into mastodon? No matter how long it is, mastodon counts any url as 25 characters. All browsers understand % notation for hexadecimal ascii. I don't know why a url shortener company wouldn't think of that.

@gemlog while its true .. I could not track the amount of interactions on cuttly s simple dashboard to see whats trending and works (spotify vs youtube perhaps .. which gets more visits) .. i have no clue of my audience if i have any .. i try to get some simple metrics somehow

@viktormadarasz I guess you'll just have to be careful to compare the urls and make sure there are no extra % notation chars in before posting. I really don't know where they came from. I would have thought you could log into yt/spotify and read the metrics, but I guess not :-(

@gemlog yes i have to double check from now on.. I can see metrics for spotify and youtube.. but what i want to see how much the urls i include on the website and posts get clicks ...

@gemlog %E2%80%8B is the code for a "ZERO-WIDTH SPACE" character google says .. it must have gotten into there from copy/paste between various apps

@viktormadarasz They were always hex numbers for ascii and you could often read them right off the url e.g. %20 =32 = a space, if you had memorized some ascii. '%E2%80%8B' is UTF-8 and I have no idea how it got in there!

@gemlog those unwanted characters must came from copy/paste between various apps ...

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