The Server Room Show - Episode 60 - Database is coming up live on and on the 16th of January 2021 at 3pm utc time.

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@viktormadarasz That's going to be a challenging one!
Rabid pgsql types against maria/mysql users. Oracle/Ellison haters (ok, that's actually everyone), nosql and sqlite proponents - but, hey, you avoided text editor holy wars! :-)

@gemlog You can already look at the shownotes

Wikipedia was a great help .. mostly talking about the history and evolution which i would think its safe grounds

@gemlog i know and i highly appreciate it that I have friends from Canda listening to my podcast :)

@viktormadarasz I did listen last week. I logged into COM and didn't find anyone to talk to. Maybe they are on IRC over on tilde. I'll try that tomorrow.

@gemlog i might end up doing tomorrow episode live as i cant find the time to record it tough i should..

@viktormadarasz I did think of you tonight during supper. My two friends and I demolished a salmon with latkes and veg ;-)

@gemlog thats very kind of you ... salmon i love but im sure what i can get my hands on here has nothing to do with the quality over there

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