'The Server Room' show on anon radio is coming up in about 9 hours at 15z00. It's a 30 minute show on IT related 'stuff' by @viktormadarasz
The stream will be here:
anonradio.net/ and here tilderadio.org/
Anonradio is a libre service of sdf.org/ where you can get a free unix shell account and many other toys! :-) Ditto for tildeverse.org/ !
Here are the show notes for this week about thin clients anonradio.net/tsr-the-server-r
This is the best use of your time!


@gemlog @claudiom @tbn97

TSR - The Server Room Show - Episode 46 - VDI & Thin Clients is coming up Live at 3PM UTC today.

More info

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