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yes @gemlog this time the focus is on OpenBSD and its implementations f.e as a firewall with pf and other bits and pieces.

The topic was always up to suggestions however all I got so far was the same email three times from Ben to compare different salmon types 😻

he attached this link to each of the mails:


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I'm still on the road you set me on last week for monitoring - doing more of it.
My needs are more modest than yours and Claudio's though.
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@gemlog @solene @claudiom Nice.... this Saturday I send you down the road of OpenBSD and a use case scenario for home network ( failover router/firewall application)

spruceeats is a good site.
I hadn't met Ben yet when I did up about 10 sockeye. These are the superior BC sockeye. Not those alaskan sockeye.
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@gemlog @solene @claudiom They look so.good. I bet they taste the same....
here for 100g of norwegian salmon raw smoked are 4-5€ or more on average

Europe is not my favourite place lately. We can not bear arms and we can not fish salmon here

@gemlog @solene @claudiom 200g norwegian salmon 5,50€ on the cheap
Dont get your hopes up about europe

@gemlog @solene @claudiom Where the exact procedure is documented? what kind of marinade? Smoking time? etc. would be interesting to see even tough chances of me in need to smoke salmon this side of the planet earth is thin very thin unfortunatelly

@gemlog @solene @claudiom google offers me.this alternative:

the closest I am ever gonna get to salmon alaskan or BC Canada ones are these burgers I get from costco which buy the way very very very delicious

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