All I had left was servers being turned off but connected to Power outlet.

I turned them off one by one and I figured with 99% probability it was one of the servers in OFF state god knows what it was trying to do or why at 2am in the morning.

Very creepy :)

@viktormadarasz phone call
"gemlog, my pc is beeping. like once a minute
- is it running? are you working?
"yes. it's driving me crazy
- well, bios has beep codes, but linux doesn't do that...
"please, can you come over? There! Did you hear it?
-which office are you in?
-um... there's a smoke detector in the hallway. Low battery?
time passes
"shit, sorry to bother you.

Trouble shooting. It's a gift ;-)

@viktormadarasz Yes! Real story :-)
I have a bunch of them. The guy is silesian and his wife is from krakow. You can tell by her name. He was in his wife's office.
The conversation took that path, but likely lasted about 10 minutes while he complained and I probed for information. I compressed it in time when I typed it for effect.

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