Preparing My Homelab for some updates... Most of it just organization tasks and labeling and separating Core Network Infra from Servers * so i can handle them on separate powerstrip.. * i wish i had managed PDUs . .. And pretty much to organize back neat everything and try to do something with the mess itself.

All this comes from that the other night * last few days We had solid 40 some degrees celsius during the day * The Lab Room was warmer than usual. Around 2-3 am in the morning in the last few nights I got woken up by noise like a ventillator trying to speed up but then dropping in rpm.. some said it sounded like if someone was crying like a kid or something or a cat meowing * i have none the above*
The only device I have active and on all the time is A Tplink small switch and Ubiquity Router

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@viktormadarasz I'd like to see after you are finished.
I've made a few wiring closets that made me proud, but my home network... hmmm.

@gemlog I will try to do something nice with it..

issue is i am limited in many ways ,., Main cables for network * RJ45s* coming in through the front and i cant seem to reroute them.. In the next house these ought to be going through channel strips in or on the wall and using wall ports / sockets where possible

IF I can label and document where everything is connected and it makes sense and order that will be a Half Win Win

@viktormadarasz yes, pre-wire is best. Don't forget to leave some string in the conduits ;-)
I haven't needed to do anything in a while. I know where my crimps are and rj45 ends. No idea where my box of cable is, which is the biggest thing to misplace? Weird.
I know I lent it all out, but I'm sure I got it all back. I'm getting old man...

@gemlog This is the main idea Number 1

Sorting out the power flow and have some order while also utilising the APC ATS Unit I have

Also cable organizing so they dont come from the front but back is also included

Also to move a small router&tplink sw to a better place so its not obstructing in the middle

The lab part is completely isolated and with 2 simple switch or button on an On/Off power outlet or strip i can turn off the lab and maintain core Network as it servers the rest of the room

@gemlog the home ones never the ones we are the most proud of.. i swear at the next place i will terminate all at the Rack as it should have been here as well

Thing is here in Spain ISP comes to install Your fiber termination and they put it where its most convinient for them... Not for You.. So ISP routers end up in Livning Rooms and Master Bedrooms. and If You want You have to route and take the fibre from the termination point whichever method You wish to where You want to place it

@viktormadarasz Yeah, on my last one they tried that with me too! Eff that!
I want it in my wiring closet not in the receiving area. All in one place.
You save Telus an hour and I have to live with it forever? No!
Just tell dispatch you need to do some drilling and stuff, that's all.
I've been on both sides of the fence.

@gemlog it measures on its board 50 degrees celsius .. dont ask me why but its happy like this :)

Matter of fact i will measure tomorrow at work from CLi the same thing course those server rooms are set to solid 18 degrees if im not mistaken so obvious it will not be that hot

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