Got a sweet MSDOS palmtop in the mail from @ajroach42 the other day and after some small hardware fix ups I am settling in with it. This thing is an _astonishing_ device. I can hardly believe it’s real.

This is a fully functional 7MHz 80186 DOS machine, running MSDOS 5.0, with full CGA graphics support. It runs off of two AA batteries. Apparently for weeks. While constantly powering a RAM disk. I have been using this thing fairly heavily since Wednesday, including large serial file transfers that took well over an hour of constant, sustained use. Battery is still at 7/8 full.


@SpindleyQ it looks beautiful... has a lot of stuff for them here:

I wonder if You can hack linux or bsd on it :)

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@viktormadarasz pretty sure you need an MMU for those... Xenix or QNX 2 maybe

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