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New Timeslot at

!! 3PM UTC Time Every Saturday !!

Please see the below screenshot as its Self Explanatory

@viktormadarasz you should rather just say 15h00 utc! :-)
Do they say "3pm utc" in ukraine? It seems very weird to me.

@viktormadarasz It is a good idea to show the equivalent times. That is true. I was just startled at seeing 'pm' and 'utc' together is all. sorry.

@viktormadarasz I know!
I was raised with a 12 hour time, which is very stupid - as if we ran out of numbers for a 24 hour clock!
UTC would be more beautiful, if it was not for 'Daylight Saving Time' to screw it up. Not only in its essence, but it is not applied evenly or even at the same 'time' throughout the world! :-(
But still, imagine the world before time zones...

@gemlog yes .. it is a mess to be honest

Perhaps I need to get a Seiko or Citizen which can do multiple timezones>? wait I think the Rolex GMT can show an additional timezone as well :)

Too bad I have none

My Seiko 5 is not so advanced tough I love it

@viktormadarasz I just keep a lot of clocks on my screens.
Plus utc in my head all day.
I have people I hold dear all over the world by now.

@gemlog I added a widget to the shows website

it detects your local time and shows UTC as well So You can figure it out easy

IF the Show is 15:00 / 3PM UTC then in my local time its .......

Thanks for this i think it will be more clear for everyone now

@viktormadarasz you know, I've often thought they should put something like that on the anonradio page itself.
That's mostly the only page I ever go to, unless I need an archive.

@gemlog Ukraine i dont know to be honest .. but you are right lets stick to Military times and UTC

15:00 UTC :)

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