Playing with the . Before and after the amp modeling shown.
(I normalized the volume with Audacity.)

I'm sure these settings are super meaningful to guitar nerds with deeper pockets than mine. Some things I've noticed just playing around:
- the preamp tube chosen (e.g. 12ax7 here) has a profound effect on everything that follows; change that first.
- 10" options seem punchier than the 12" or 15" cabinets
- Turning up the pregain gives it a gritty attack that I wish I had a use for because I like it.

I really can't say enough nice things about the kit. It was way easier to put together than the radio kits I'd been working on, the documentation was great, and the creator reached out to help me troubleshoot issues I had (user error) and was super helpful.

Build instructions:


also, it's a when all is said and done, so it's probably the only guitar pedal in your rack on which you can check your email

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" develops audio plugins that use neural networks and machine learning to emulate analog effects and amps. This video demos two GuitarML plugins that have been ported to to run on the DIY pedal, -Stomp, with the MOD virtual pedalboard. "

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