@OneWheelGeek @PieceMaker Perhaps one more unicyclist now, if @aracer is who I think he is. 😉

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@velocipederider I haven’t posted that much about unicycling lately, but that might change as I try to get in shape for NAUCC this year

@velocipederider I was on there ages ago but tbh I don’t even remember my username. If you know unigoat, I ride with him a lot

@Timmy He has not posted for 3 years either. Which is fine obviously. Anyway, nice to (virtually) meat you here. 😉


@velocipederider yeah unfortunately a lot of people are using Facebook over the forum these days. I might try to get back into the forum a bit.

@Timmy The forum modernised a couple years back. It is much better now (based on Discourse) and we had a re-influx of users.

@Timmy Facebook would not work for me anyway. I intentionally avoid it after having deleted my account 6 or so years ago.

@velocipederider yeah I keep my distance from Facebook, I’m just lucky to have a few localish riders around.

@Timmy The two I cycle most with I mainly chatted with in a 3-way direct message conversation on Twitter… but I just left Twitter 😭

@Timmy Ignore the "lord of the rings" style music that Jan-Erik (UniMyra) selected. Not sure why he did that. It makes it look like we are on an epic quest to dispose of the ring… on… umm… unicycles. 😆

P.S. We have been out for muni on smaller unis before but this time was more about getting some distance, hence the 36ers.

@Timmy @velocipederider I own a unicycle that I intended to learn to ride a few years back. Never did. Had a bit of a bad tumble on asphalt… Any tips on getting the courage to try again, or rather any step-by-step tutorials you can point me towards would be fantastic. My son now seems keen as well.

@axbom @velocipederider both of these are good. I happen to have met both of these guys many years ago at nationals. Great guys and great riders.

One of the fastest ways to pick it up imo is to ride along a handrail using one hand to assist and keeping good posture. When it starts to feel natural you’re ready to try to ride unassisted as far as you can. Also avoid the urge to look straight down

@Timmy @axbom Yeah they are both amazing riders indeed but that doesn't always translate to being a great teacher. However… in this case… well. it does! 😆

@velocipederider @axbom yeah, Chris is a really good presenter, and I’m pretty sure Eli is a teacher these days, so it’s no big surprise they did well. I have taught a bunch of people, but I’m not as good a teacher as they are. I taught myself when I was 10 which made it a lot slower than your average person, I wish I’d have followed one of these guides back then

@Timmy @axbom I learnt around the same age and could manage 50m or so after 2 days of hard work, over a weekend. I was relentless. That is about the only impressive thing I ever managed as a unicyclist though. I commute and stuff but i really am not a particularly impressive cyclist. I think I probably peaked as a child! 😜

@velocipederider @Timmy @avalon

I definitely ride a one wheel, though it's been a while since I took it out for a spin.

@velocipederider @Timmy @RussSharek @avalon FWIW I spotted another unicyclist here, @RichardOfWorcs hopefully ne will start using the fediverse more in the future.

@ruari @velocipederider @Timmy @RussSharek @avalon @RichardOfWorcs I noticed a unicycle today in the film WALL-E, which made me wonder whether one of the animators rode one.

@lopta @velocipederider @Timmy @RussSharek @avalon @RichardOfWorcs

Someone put it on Youtube.

Side not: I vaguely recall a documentary about Pixar and/or this short and John Lasseter saying he spent an hour or something dangling a label one a string in front of him just to work out how to get Red's price tag to move correctly. 😉


@velocipederider @OneWheelGeek @PieceMaker he is indeed. This is my preferred handle, but I couldn't get it on Twitter (I suppose at some point I should grow up and be less anonymous 🤷‍♂️)

@aracer Where's the fun in that? Then no one would know who you are!

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