Hello, I'm a 🇬🇧, living in 🇳🇴. I write here almost exclusively in English but may occasionally reply to others in Norwegian.

I like minimalist cycles. I commute primarily by unicycle, penny farthing, (non-motorised) scooter (a.k.a. footbike) and "Halfbike™".

I also like minimalist tech: non-smartphones, old school digital watches, Slackware, Gemini/Gopher.

Professionally, I work for the as QA lead and release manager for the desktop (Win/Mac/Lin) version.

A 4 year old blog post about commuting via unicycle. It is a bit dated now. I always unicycle in the winter and I have more bikes, including the penny farthing I mentioned


@velocipederider from a unicyclist's perspective: do you consider bicycles even minimalist? 🤔

@encarsia Well… it depends on the bike. This are two mine (that is me in the second picture) and the are pretty minimalist. 😉

@encarsia Some might consider the "Halfbike ™", shown here to the right of my 36" inch wheeled unicycle to be minimalist due to the lack of a saddle but it has gears and 3 wheels, so…🤔 maybe not 🤷🏼 😉

@velocipederider I'm starting to regret asking a silly question...🤣

@encarsia Anything that gets me to talk about different forms of cycles is an excellent question IMHO. 🤪

@encarsia FWIW I do have "complex" bikes with more than "just a fork" as well. Here is my e-cargo bike.

It is handy for those days when you feel a unicycle is not optimal for carrying a tree.

@velocipederider @encarsia Excuse me, what? I need to see a video of you on that "half bike" now.

@forteller @encarsia I do not actually have a video of me at the moment. Since you likely know Morten How Lode from the bird site, here is a short video of him attempting to use it 😉


@forteller @encarsia It is not the most stable thing at the beginning. I recently hurt myself being too ambitious after having only just learnt. I tried to go down a (minor) curb at speed, at an angle. 😆

Avoid the second image if you are squeamish about blood.

@forteller @encarsia Still… it could be worse. I fractured my ribs in a crash on (non-electric) scooter (sparkesykkel 🇳🇴) last year doing some trails in the nearby woods. I would post you a picture from my arm after that little adventure but perhaps that would be too much. 😆

@forteller @encarsia Yes, I likely take too many risks and push myself too much. Middle-aged, white man over confidence. I mean I was actually back on a bike (a different one) the same day, later that evening in fact. And when I woke the next day I struggled to walk but I still cycled to the office. Brave or stupid… you decide (Hint: it is the latter).

@forteller @encarsia It looks great (or weird, perhaps both) when you can ride it properly. Here is one of their promotional videos on youtube



Hi there Rider! I wanted to let you know, I've recently started using Vivaldi and I use it with Linux. It's been working great, besides potentially DE issues. Other than that, it's become my main browser and I support your efforts!

@matias If you use it. Thanks!

P.S. I am the same one who writes the snapshot and updates blog posts to release builds


@matias The learning curve is steep yes… but once you learn, then no not especially 😂

True of many things in life though I guess 🤷🏼

@velocipederider Yes, I think that applies to rocket science as well 😂

@matias Once you master it unicycling can be great. The main downside is speed, so not ideal if you are in a rush. Though I can comfortably average 17km/h around Oslo on the biggest one (bigger wheel means more ground covered per revolution and thus faster), which is often enough to be honest. The average cyclist around here avgs. 16.3km/h according to TOI data and 17.6 for e-bikes.


@velocipederider I see! Is it more comfortable than a bicycle when you get used to it?

The most common type of bicycle over here don't let you sit up straight, which I find quite uncomfortable, so I was actuallyt thinking of getting some kind of "city bike" (is that the right name?).
A unicycle would be cool though 😁

@matias It is very comfortable but so is any upright bike. If the upright position is too much work up the steep Oslo hills, ebikes are awesome!

P.S. I live in Oslo too as you probably saw. If you ever want to try a unicycle. Let me know!

If you want to read more about unicycling, The author, Erlend Loe has written a really nice book about the process fo learning to regularly unicycle and incorporate it in his daily life.

As an important added bonus there is even a picture of me in there 😆. People used to confuse us on the "bird site". We do not look similar but I guess 2 unicyclists seemed improbable! 😜


@velocipederider If you have time after work someday I'd love to try 😁 I saw that Vivaldi's office is not that far from the city centre, right?

@velocipederider Next week should be good! I usually go to Oslo on Tuesdays and Thursdays (alternatively Fridays). The other days it's my turn to pick up daughter in kindergarden, so I work from home 😅

@matias So what did you want to try, unicycle, penny farthing or halfbike? 😉

@velocipederider Hmm.. I've always been fascinated by penny farthings, but I'd probably just fall down and break the bike and my back 😅 Maybe unicycle?

@matias Ok, will have a think, we will find a good day and I will cycle in on my smallest unicycle. Anything else and you will struggle. Well… you will struggle anyway.

@matias Hmm… another option is I could just lend you one. I mean, true I don't know you but you seem like a nice guy and who steals a unicycle anyway. What area do you live in (roughly, you do not need to expose your whole address here for the world)

@matias This is actually better because it gives you a lot more time to work it out. Almost nobody manages it in their first day, many take a couple of weeks 😆

Oh wow, that's really nice of you! ! 😁 However, we're about to move all our things to a storage room before starting to move to Drammen (been living in Østfold until now), so if I were to borrow it then it would have to be a bit later. And I'm not sure if I'd have the patience to actually learn it properly 😅

I'm mostly just curious to see one and maybe try, so it's just if you have time one day you're not busy 😊

@matias Ok, fair enough. You will not get far with such a short test but that is obviously fine, so long as you realise that. The learning curve at the start is steep! 😆

@matias Here is an example of a ride around town (taken from my Strava account). Average speed 17.1km/h but 75% quartile speed 19.8km/h. This "fast enough" for me. More effort than a bike but that is also true of other activities that people enjoy like running, roller skiing or skateboarding.


@velocipederider In the winter on this scary shit?!
Didn't the police take you to the station on a regular basis? 😀

@yrabbit I have encountered the police on several occasions. They tend to smile and wave. 😉

Falling off a unicycle (which does happen, obviously) is not especially scary, you tend to land on your feet. What *IS* is attempting to ride the penny farthing in the winter. I have made that mistake before and luckily not killed myself. 😆

@yrabbit I do take perhaps too many risks though. I fractured my ribs last year going too fast on trails where I live with a scooter (picture of it attached)

@velocipederider Saw you on twitter asking for more unicyclists and I used to unicycle to high school/sixth form and university although I just ride with a training wheel now. I'm sure that's disappointing but it's nice to have another good account to follow on here.

@peterdroberts That'll do! I actually like all forms of cycles. My latest has 3 wheels anyway 🤷🏼

@peterdroberts Thank you. It is good fun. Since I do not have a video of my riding it, here is one of their promo videos so that you get the idea


@velocipederider Looks cool. The upright position and manoeuvrability was something I loved about unicycling.

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