Hello, I'm a 🇬🇧, living in 🇳🇴. I write here almost exclusively in English but may occasionally reply to others in Norwegian.

I like minimalist cycles. I commute primarily by unicycle, penny farthing, (non-motorised) scooter (a.k.a. footbike) and "Halfbike™".

I also like minimalist tech: non-smartphones, old school digital watches, Slackware, Gemini/Gopher.

Professionally, I work for the as QA lead and release manager for the desktop (Win/Mac/Lin) version.

A 4 year old blog post about commuting via unicycle. It is a bit dated now. I always unicycle in the winter and I have more bikes, including the penny farthing I mentioned


@velocipederider from a unicyclist's perspective: do you consider bicycles even minimalist? 🤔

@encarsia Well… it depends on the bike. This are two mine (that is me in the second picture) and the are pretty minimalist. 😉

@encarsia Some might consider the "Halfbike ™", shown here to the right of my 36" inch wheeled unicycle to be minimalist due to the lack of a saddle but it has gears and 3 wheels, so…🤔 maybe not 🤷🏼 😉

@velocipederider I'm starting to regret asking a silly question...🤣

@encarsia Anything that gets me to talk about different forms of cycles is an excellent question IMHO. 🤪

@encarsia FWIW I do have "complex" bikes with more than "just a fork" as well. Here is my e-cargo bike.

It is handy for those days when you feel a unicycle is not optimal for carrying a tree.

@velocipederider @encarsia Excuse me, what? I need to see a video of you on that "half bike" now.

@forteller @encarsia I do not actually have a video of me at the moment. Since you likely know Morten How Lode from the bird site, here is a short video of him attempting to use it 😉


@forteller @encarsia It is not the most stable thing at the beginning. I recently hurt myself being too ambitious after having only just learnt. I tried to go down a (minor) curb at speed, at an angle. 😆

Avoid the second image if you are squeamish about blood.

@forteller @encarsia Still… it could be worse. I fractured my ribs in a crash on (non-electric) scooter (sparkesykkel 🇳🇴) last year doing some trails in the nearby woods. I would post you a picture from my arm after that little adventure but perhaps that would be too much. 😆

@forteller @encarsia Yes, I likely take too many risks and push myself too much. Middle-aged, white man over confidence. I mean I was actually back on a bike (a different one) the same day, later that evening in fact. And when I woke the next day I struggled to walk but I still cycled to the office. Brave or stupid… you decide (Hint: it is the latter).

@forteller @encarsia It looks great (or weird, perhaps both) when you can ride it properly. Here is one of their promotional videos on youtube



Hi there Rider! I wanted to let you know, I've recently started using Vivaldi and I use it with Linux. It's been working great, besides potentially DE issues. Other than that, it's become my main browser and I support your efforts!

@velocipederider In the winter on this scary shit?!
Didn't the police take you to the station on a regular basis? 😀

@yrabbit I have encountered the police on several occasions. They tend to smile and wave. 😉

Falling off a unicycle (which does happen, obviously) is not especially scary, you tend to land on your feet. What *IS* is attempting to ride the penny farthing in the winter. I have made that mistake before and luckily not killed myself. 😆

@yrabbit I do take perhaps too many risks though. I fractured my ribs last year going too fast on trails where I live with a scooter (picture of it attached)

@velocipederider Saw you on twitter asking for more unicyclists and I used to unicycle to high school/sixth form and university although I just ride with a training wheel now. I'm sure that's disappointing but it's nice to have another good account to follow on here.

@peterdroberts That'll do! I actually like all forms of cycles. My latest has 3 wheels anyway 🤷🏼

@peterdroberts Thank you. It is good fun. Since I do not have a video of my riding it, here is one of their promo videos so that you get the idea


@velocipederider Looks cool. The upright position and manoeuvrability was something I loved about unicycling.

@peterdroberts Yeah I ride several different styles of "cycles" and I sort of love them all in their own unique ways. They all have their own little joys and differences in movement.

Also being lucky enough to try out new things and own multiple cycles, gives me some of the fun I experienced when first learning to ride a normal bike as a kid.

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