I'm digging this article/manifesto on Brutalist web design. Shout out to @gcupc for hipping me to it: brutalist-web.design/

it is pretty incredible the degree to which corporate enterprises have exactly replicated the governmental bureaucratic hell they were supposed to liberate us from

How do people use Tumblr? I tried to make a new account after years of being away, and it was going okay, but the tutorial popups never stopped. The same ones just kept popping up again and again no matter how many times I dismissed them.

Eventually I admitted defeat and deleted the account.

My daughters keep giggling and telling me it's "four twenty"

puri.sm is already building PC's which honor your rights. They're working on a phone to do the same. Here's their most recent article discussing your digital rights:

Bastille Day! Just closed my Google account. They started good, and just got worse. And worse. And worse. Time to go, and now I'm gone!

Why have cloud solutions been equated with handing your data to a corporation? A server at Scaleway starts at 3eur/month; linode has'em for $5/month. All the benefits of the cloud, and the data _remains yours_.

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I also moved to LineageOS minus Gapps on Android. Turns out not running Gapps really improves battery life, so my phone ends the day at around 50% now instead of 15%.

Also F-Droid apps are so good, and ask for fewer creepy permissions than Google Play apps do!

Sometimes I miss the simplicity of using a Google Chromebook. But Chromebooks seem to like to fall apart within a year or two, and of course Google is a little too scary to trust these days.

I've moved to a refurbished Thinkpad running Devuan. It's way more durable than my old Chromebook, and has way less Google! Yay.

Woohoo! Just got my $50 Lenovo Ideapad running w. Palemoon browser. Long-lived tech == green.

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