We actually have TWO pandemics running. A virus, and a first-of-its-kind social pandemic. Like most new epidemics, a lack of resistance makes it very dangerous.

Global social media, amplified by algos optimizing for engagement, make it spread like crazy. Lockdown slowed the virus but amplified these effects.

The result is skewed decision making, resulting in self-destructive behavior. Please consider a two-week "lock down" break from social media.

I don't understand how even a rough approximation of vi's notion of "marking" a location in a file so you can jump right back to it hasn't been adopted by every other editor in the world. Heck, even in non-editing contexts, it would be amazing. I would kill to be able to mark and jump between browser tabs, and between points in webpages. Why is this not a thing?

The MUF actually got high enough that I made a contact on 15 meters - to South America even! Idk if all hams know about this site but it tells you the highest frequency likely to produce ionospheric propagation at 3000km. Very helpful for seeing which bands are "open"


An essential resource for any serious software developer... ohshitgit.com/

I kind of wish there were a way to post to the local timeline, but not to federated. (But still to my followers, and still public; sort of like a combination of public and unlisted.)


Topic 1: IM NG

Historically, XMPP messages were routed to only one receiving device. That may be the device with the highest priority, or a particular device identified by the resourcepart of the jid (eg. vanitasvitae@jabberhead.tk/phone is a phone).

To improve the user experience in modern multi client scenarios, extension protocols like Carbon Copies and Message Archive Management were introduced to adjust the message routing to changed user expectations.

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I've been screwed by the VC games, as have many of my associates. You can hold a fair percent of a startup, hold on for it to go public, and get less than an annual bonus at one of the Big Boys. The VC's and their fancy lawyering have sucked all the juice out: karma is a bitch.


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