Non-blocking I/O in Go 

The newest show is posted on my streaming radio program Forest Halls Celtic. In this episode we 'swim' with the Salmon of Wisdom, with harp, music, poetry, song, and story. Jump on in -- the water's fine! #celticharp #irishstory #irishmusic #scottishmusic #celticmusicradio

Not sure why Youtube only has auto-generated Japanese captions for a video recorded in English, but thankfully they have an option to auto-translate the Japanese captions back into English.

I'm delighted to see that machine learning is able to recognize speech, translate it to Japanese, and then translate it back to English without losing anything in the process!

I'm living life without a Google (or Apple, FB, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, ...) account. I did a little writeup of what I use to live a tech life:

hey um sorry for that post i made earlier that was kinda guilt trippy,,

here is a baby gerenuk instead of me being mean

Planning to collect more yarrow today and make a second round of yarrow tincture, dry some tea...
Considering yarrow oil as well, but then I barely ever use oils... Anything else I should try?

#herb #herbal #remedy #nature #yarrow #medicine #health

Dang, has been ailing for days now. Need any help out there? (Admin of

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