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So, I went to my doctor's office this afternoon at 13:30 for my 2nd monthly injection/shot. Feelin' fine... Though I don't know how long I'll have to get them, I must say that it's way better than ending up in the hospital again because my wacky (, autoimmune) wants to eat the B12 that's floating around in my body (or supposed to be at least).

I ended up watching , the film from ~ 1996, on Netflix this evening. It's been ages since I saw it way back then. A good one by the Coen brothers. ( well, I liked it anyway .. though, I suppose it's not politically & culturally correct in today's world .. but what do I know )

Been quiet here lately I have .. Not too surprising really since I'm pretty quiet by nature ( I believe so anyway, though ICBW on that point :flan_wink: ) .. In any case, I'm still here, as is the Etsh (V6Sh) Project .. Its website is offline at present but should be back online sometime within the next 12 to 16 hours ... =^) :flan_hacker: (^=

Listening to Q-95 - Indy's Classic Rock .. They're now playing Blue Oyster Cult .. That Burnin' for you song ... ( Eeeww! Next is football... No thanks ) ~~~ finding another station now :)

Just got my weekly (for now) B12 injection I did; they were happy to see I walked in instead of via wheelchair (4 speediness sake). Still, my current walking pace is slower than my "normal" walking pace! 😌 progress 😌

Eating guacamole 🥑 and chips as part of my dinner .. It's the *_best_* part of course .. Mmm, heavenly delicious it is ! 😋

:) ¡Buenos días y feliz sábado a todos! (:

I'm still in bed but awake & ready to get up & check my BG. I'm guessing / hoping it'll be a workable number. Either way, I'm preparing myself to Upgrade my Carbon to the latest -current snapshot this morning.

It's been too long... I just enjoyed reliving some fond memories of my life in Boston from ~ 1994 - 1997 - 2000.. All the friends places & times that have made it the best part of my life so far. Part of me misses it terribly, part of me not. This was after I closed the book on my 1st go at college. Learning about the world from books? Nah! Let's learn about it for real instead... The best personal investment I've ever made it was! Yup :^) - I really need(ed) to hear this right now... Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush, Don't Give Up

Sometime today or tomorrow, I'll not do another 6.7-current Upgrade but a fresh Install of the latest snapshot @ the time. It's time, as the post-upgrade cleanups tire me out! Carbon =^)

I happily admit: I've been on for more than a few years, and I am particularly fond of the series, the people, the culture, and the Gaelic language (which I don't know)! <3 :)

Haven't released it (yet), but I'll import psignona as a new cvs module. It documents how system on which it's built & tested "prints signal numbers & names". Languages: c99 & sh. Termux has bugs in this sense.

The 1 big thing that interferes w/ my caring for adequately is a racket ~ (that is, noise, from a screaming TV) ~ (my ears are super-sensitive you see) ~ I hear everything & despise big honkin' TVs :^(

Making progress on the next () snapshot, etsh-current #28... It's been a good while since I built it at @SDF, but it still builds as expected.. Next step? Install it in my ~ dir for fun! :^)

- In etsh-current #28, I added: -h* for -h, -help, etc; it's for help and prints the usage synopsis.

The barbershop I go normally go to (along with others I don't) is closed...

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