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The barbershop I go normally go to (along with others I don't) is closed...

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As I prepared for bed last night / this morning (@ 03:00 local time / 07:00 UTC)... After brushing my teeth.. I got scissors & cut what I could reach! :) ( cause hair in my eyes & mouth isn't fun :D )

Now that OpenBSD 6.7-beta arrived, I would really appreciate *install* tests. On almost all platforms FFS2 is now the default for both root and non-root.

Started today with a bit of personal shell-scripting maintenance (for fun & relaxation) after a peaceful night's sleep. Always a good thing. More than that though, I used OED(1) to make it happen :)

Plus, 2020-03-21 & the 19th are beautiful numbers to me .. Double Yay ! :)

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Well, if nothing else... UTC me.. Yes! :)

pts/2>% nowl

Saturday, 2020-03-21, 14:00:35 UTC
Saturday, 2020-03-21, 10:00:35 EDT

Plus, I renewed my membership @ SDF .. Yay ! (:

@basepr1me We have now released got 0.27 which fixes this among other things :flan_squee:

I always love it when V says to Evey ~ "A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having." -- V, V for Vendetta, 2005

So... I'll ?celebrate? (!yeah right!) my diabetes birthday a month from 07:30 EST (12:30 UTC) this morning.. On the bright side, today's a Thursday, and 2020-03-06 is a Friday!

Thanks to Serenity for being a relatively cooperative T1D-Boat / T1D-Ship!!

( the fact that she might kill me at a moment's notice is beside the point right this minute :^\ :^| :^/ :^) .. yes, I can still smile )

Everlong (Acoustic Version)

Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Everlong (Acoustic Version) · Foo Fighters Greatest Hits ℗ 2009 Roswell Records, Inc. Released on: 2009-10-30...

No, I wasn't there of course. ( as I'm not an OpenBSD developer, just a user )

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With the a2k20: antipodian hackathon in Hobart, Tasmania AU (2020 Jan 20 - 27) having wrapped up, I'll be getting back to work. I took a break from the computer over the weekend ya see! :^)

Yikes! I didn't know Inverness, Scotland was so far north of Glasgow & Edinburgh... But I do now!!

"Australia's wildfires have dwarfed other catastrophic blazes, with burned terrain more than twice the extent of that ravaged by fires in Brazil, California and Indonesia combined."

#climatechange #climatecrisis #climatestrike #strike4climate #fridays4future #climatejusticenow #divest

It is/was either a sports bag or a thermos kinda bag for ice and stuff. I don't remember exactly.

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I created this standing desk on the fly Monday afternoon after I found the old sports bag you see in the photos & thought, "Hey, that's just the right height!" .. Now, I can stand & use ! =^)

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