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Weehee! =)

pts/30 >\|/< % echo ; \
printf "%s\n" $v ; printf "%s\n" $V

etsh-5.1.5 (NetBSD 8.0_RC1 amd64)

on/at (= ( and too, BTW ;) ) (the one from yesterday, I mean)
Thank you kindly for favouriting my toot.

I'm looking for an Icelandic language teacher for my son. We live near Philadelphia. He's almost 6. Any of you have contacts that do that sort of thing or recommendations on where to find help?

Please boost!

I'm finally working on a new blog post for it too... =)

etsh-5.1.0 is available on the website now . See .. I still need to update the manuals on the website, but I shall ASAP ! #etsh #v6shell #opensource #UNIX #cli, the original =)

is a beta site. -- , ~~~ ( this fortune made me laugh this morning :D )

Wheee! =)

pts/121 >\|/< % echo;etsh -VV|tr -d '\n';echo ' ... @ SDF ! =)'

etsh-5.1.0 (NetBSD 8.0_BETA amd64) ... @ SDF ! =)

<3 ;^) - pardon my little blip of noise - back to the void with me .. nooo <3 :p :D .. sempre con amore / siempre con amor ...

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