Show more, a remote multi-system monitor for OpenBSD, is getting multi-line output support! (And is fixed for hw.smt=0.) Port being updated soon!

Jijiji... :) I didn't mention this before, but I think there is/was a setting in your settings that might influence this. On the bright side, when I click on the toot(s) to open the conversations, the emojos render as expected (:

Oooh... That could be.. I seem to recall that SMJ tooted something about @Gargron maintaining the instance.

Los Cacahuates

Tengo una canci贸n en mi cabeza / mente, y va c贸mo esa ...

La la la.. :) caaa caa hua te .. y m谩s c贸mo eso ... Jajajaj .. y si nada m谩s, fue divertido ! Hurra :D :P ( buenas noches a todos, y feliz martes tambi茅n )

Or in my last reply either. Hmmm, I wonder why? No worries; I'll be quiet now.

:blobaww: because my blob didn't come out / show up in my first reply ;^) ~~~ I really like those blobs :^)

:blobaww: Who me..? :blobpeek: Jiji ;^) Yay !!! Thanks @eloisa .. You're the best !! (^:

With a few good lessons... The most important one for me is ~ it's not your fault .. translated == " () is not your / our / my fault!" ~

So... I ended up watching Good Will Hunting yesterday (Saturday).. It was always a good one for me.

SDF is looking for individuals to interview for our who are you? what would you like to express? email zine @

@v6shell My laptop currently runs 6.4 and will run -current again whenever I can download it from one of the mirrors. ( but that seems not possible atm!?. )

Hmmm... Still?? I was/am wondering... I see you're using an unfamiliar gui to me.. Could there be caching of some sort happening that is helping to cause the problem for you?

I just used BSD Mail on OpenBSD and NetBSD to send / receive a few test messages to myself. I was logged into SDF for the NetBSD part.
@SDF ... and Yay .. an SDF user to boot too ! =^)

@cfenollosa I just ran a few local & non-local send/receive tests, and everything is working for me again. I hope this info is helpful. @SDF

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