... Real food cooked the right way, not fake instant poo poo kinda food .. I've never been fond of traditional USA thanksgiving anyway .

Down w/ Thanksgiving; it was really in October anyway ()... Just teasing.. I don't do holidays, which includes thanksgivings.. I did eat yummy Macaroni & Cheese and a cornbread muffin though :)

Decidí volver a ver la película "Como el Agua para el Chocolate". Me gusta mucho. Siempre es emotivo y divertido para mí. <3 :) Tita, Nacha (sp), Chencha y los demás también (: <3

I just now installed via pkg_add on my 6.6-current VM .. Mostly just to learn about it .. I came from before moving everything to almost a year ago . ( sticking w/ cvs tho )

serenity>% uptime;now
1:08PM up 1 day, 1:23, 1 user, load averages: 0.15, 0.16, 0.09
Saturday, 2019-10-19, 13:08:42 UTC

That was nice, but this was/is nicer! :flan_hurrah:


=^) <3 ! I just want my clock(s) to be correct .. UTC and me .. Jijiji ! <3 (^=

Looks like Bell Labs is going to throw a big 2-day event celebrating #Unix's 50th anniversary. The author of the post is also the one behind "Faces of Unix", a project that I found out about by @randynose. 👍 :smart: #unix50 #belllabs #facesofunix


... "Life is about more than just surviving." -- via "The 100" s3:e7 "Thirteen"

#etsh (#v6sh) =^) etsh-current #24 is now available .. see etsh.nl/src/current/ .. yes, it's signed w/ my updated #signify public key btw ! :flan_hurrah:​ (^=

On the bright side, I have a yummy peanut butter cookie that I'm enjoying... Yes, the butter of peanuts is like life itself!! :^D

It's not the BSD vi, nvi, or nvi2 that I love... But I was pleased to test out the busybox version of vi in the Termux app on my phone.. ED(1) still wins though =^)

Listen to The Drovers, "World Of Monsters" (on YouTube). Every song here has means a lot to me. Call it a "Book of Songs" like the song of the same name <3 :)


¡Vida no es vida sin música! (es) |
Life isn't life without music! (en)

Don't get me wrong, the Green Bank Telescope is an amazing instrument, one of the best in the world, a stunning engineering accomplishment, and a fantastic scientific tool.

I, personally, have used it to find and study a new class of pulsar and to produce what is in some ways the most stringent test of Einstein's theory of gravity to date.

It's also *big*, the dish is 100 m by 110 m and the moving mass is about 7600 tonnes.

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