3 days of celebrating...

( aka , a term of which I'm not terribly fond )..

My 35th T1D-iabetes birthday is now in progress .. Yay ! :) <3 ~ still and doing my best to I am .. ( successfully? perhaps not, but I'm here! ) ~ <3 (:

The 3 days include today Tuesday, tomorrow Wednesday, and Thursday. I was actually diagnosed on the 6th, but Wednesday isn't my favourite day of the week. So, I add 1 day pre & post for good measure. Jijiji :^D :^p ;^)

Up(grad|dat)ed my @OpenBSDAms 6.4-current VM wicked early this morning I did. Then, I took a 2 or 3 hour nap. Still got some post-update cleanup to do, but all is shiny & well =^)

international trip to buy - betespora.v6shell.org/blog/1.t

driving to Canada tomorrow I am since I can't buy what I need in the USA

Wondering if I have a stack... In my human body I mean!!

Now, that would be cool .. Maybe

( Thinking of Altered Carbon I am )

Adi贸s feliz pen煤ltima pluma de . Gracias por las 300 unidades de insulina, - las que se usan para las pruebas de agujas.

2: 2u needle test, 6u for an early evening snack == 279u left.

4u needle test is only for the 1st needle. All others are 2u; it's like it's priming the mechanism; 4u is a bug if you ask me.

I opened/started my penultimate pen this morning, and since I don't know if/when I can buy more... I'm counting every unit.. 1: 4u needle test, 9u for breakfast == 287u left.

<3 Entonces... Mi madre / mam谩 muri贸 hace 2 d铆as, el 16 de enero de 2018. She was a good mom and at one time helped / taught my older D-Sister & I to care for our respective beasties. Thanks mom we'll all miss you. <3

Good to know (about their paintings series). 馃榾 I hear ya about yellow.

Oh nice. That's super. Enjoy :) ( it looks a little like the background of the painting to me )

It'd be neat if it was something like the starry night painting, perhaps more muted than the package bit in your photo. Call it a guess

Our lovely and talented @pamela has unleased new emojojojojojos and it's time to upload them for your enjoyment.

Since you know you like them, go fund her Patreon, so she can keep making them. patreon.com/flan_foundry

:easel: :glowbracelets: :glowsnare: :hook: :kangaroo: :laundry: :milkshake: :otterheart: :sundae: :tissue:

And a bonus set of MULE inspired emojojojojojo

:mule: :mule_crystite: :mule_energy: :mule_food: :mule_smithore: :mule_plot:

Buenas noches .. Tal vez voy a dormir 3 horas hasta el amanecer .. Entonces, puedo decir, "buenos d铆as, y buen d铆a mundo" (o ahora quiz谩s) :^)

@brynet Yay!!! Hey Bryan, I can see :butterfly: .. But also :flan_hacker: & :flan_cat: from bsd.network on SDF's Mastodon .. Just can't toot them from here ... ( but that's ok )

Finally doing a fresh (re-)install of 6.4-current on my laptop I am. But I'm using a usb attached external hdd for now. To learn a bit more perhaps ;) Lookin' good so far (:

Here's to the of 24, a friend among the ;^) along with 6, 12, 124, and 1024 (and its multiples) .. my faves ! <3 (^=


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