Este vídeo es útil, divertido y tiene sentido perfecto. Disfrútalo.

How Similar Are Spanish and Italian?

In today's episode I compare Spanish and Italian! How much do these Romance languages have in commmon? I'm sorry it has been over 2 weeks since my last video...

@v6shell My grandfather was Italian and he tried to teach me Spanish. He mixed the two, so now I can't speak Italian or Spanish correctly, but always mix in words from the other :)

@xmanmonk :) Really? That's cool, Italian grandfather, and sounds like a good way to learn... Mixing it up that way must've been fun!! (:

Funny, my ability to speak either one depends on timing & context (though admittedly I've had more Spanish practice in recent years)! I like how the video illustrates the way I've played the cognate game to build possibly correct Spanish sentences since I started learning it.

The Italian equivalent is always in my mind

@v6shell One of my favorite mix-ups was that, when my grandfather accidentally bumped into someone, he would say, "escucha me." In Spanish, this is "listen to me," but it's similar sounding to the Italian "scuzi," which would have been correct, in Italian, but not Spanish :)

@xmanmonk Yeah, it can sound a bit like scusi / scusami / mi scusi. o "Ascoltami" in italiano.

Interestingly, a more formal way to say an excuse / pardon me equivalent to strangers in Mexico is "disculpe". My understanding of it's use there was in public places if you have a question, say you're looking for a bus stop for example...

Disculpe. ¿Dónde está la parada de autobús más cercana?


@v6shell I later learned the very informal "spensa," which I think is a "street" way of saying excuse me.

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