Tracy Chapman - Talkin' About A Revolution - - :^) I love this song (and its singer) ! <3

... Because we're all someone, and we all need a revolution .. In my case, it's an !!

@v6shell Hi there, sorry to hear about you having to drive to Canada for insulin, where should I find more information I'm interested as to why that is happening...

@Pily Hello Pily,

I did buy my insulin out pocket in Windsor, ON, CA for about 2 years altogether, but I no longer do due to closed borders between the USA & Canada (thanks to covid). Fortunately though, I now have insurance that covers my insulin. So, it's not necessary for me to trek to CA these days in any case. In answer to your question, you can find more info about this via...

T1International at on the web and @t1international on Twitter.


Cheers! :)

@Pily ... In addition (if I may), thanks for the question. It (lack of equal access to insulin) worldwide and especially in the USA is an enormous problem for people with diabetes and for society as a whole. The root cause of the problem in the USA is 1) a poorly designed for profit healthcare system and 2) the insulin market being largely controlled by only 3 for profit insulin manufacturers who charge way too much for it; they make way too much profit while legally murdering people like me.

@v6shell thanks so much for the explanation, I had no idea of this

@Pily You're quite welcome indeed .. I'm glad my overly verbose nature assisted in some way .

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