I opened/started my penultimate pen this morning, and since I don't know if/when I can buy more... I'm counting every unit.. 1: 4u needle test, 9u for breakfast == 287u left.

4u needle test is only for the 1st needle. All others are 2u; it's like it's priming the mechanism; 4u is a bug if you ask me.

2: 2u needle test, 6u for an early evening snack == 279u left.

Adiós feliz penúltima pluma de . Gracias por las 300 unidades de insulina, - las que se usan para las pruebas de agujas.

@v6shell If you end up needing money for insulin, you ask here. If you don't get a quick response, DM me. I mean it.

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