Julia <Butterfly> Hill lived for 738 days, from December 1997 to December 1999, in the canopy of a giant 1500 year old redwood tree named Luna. She ended her revolutionary action when an agreement was made with Pacific Lumber Company to spare the tree and a 200 foot buffer zone sourrounding it. and

Today we have another very captivating retro software suggestion for UNIX lovers: etsh[1]. an enhanced, backward-compatible port of the historically V6 shell by Ken Thompson. Courtesy of @v6shell.

Packaged on pkgsrc-wip [2], got it building on NetBSD, Linux and SunOS already.

"Consider trying etsh and tsh for yourself to see that doing more with less is both possible and beneficial. "

[1] etsh.nl/
[2] wip.pkgsrc.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.

Hello. Pardon the noise.. Just a test to see if I get notifications now... =^)

Hello. Pardon the noise.. Just a test to see if I get notifications now... =^)

Very cool to see @netbsd here on SDF ! SDF is the largest NetBSD site in production and we've been running it since the 1.2 release while we were on DEC Alpha and currently on 9.x x86_64 Thanks to Eric Schnoebelen (RIP), Christos Zoulas, ryo (rsh), Masa Saitoh and ebijun as well as others for the support over the years!

Aimee Mann - Looking For Nothing - youtu.be/Y3fA-eU9v8g

Oh, if only that were true. If I were looking for nothing, perhaps everything would be simpler. But I still wish to see a better, more beautiful world. Hopefully, I can help make it happen somehow.

The archive from last night's Vintage COMP w/ jasmaz is available here:


@robert588 also stopped by to chat about a book he is reading called

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I started a new sensor tonight, 1 hour & 33 minutes ago. It started fine; that took 1 hour. So, the rest of my tonight is mine (& that weird critter's too, as it inhabits this body w/ me) :^)

I have always loved this song ( and still do ) ! <3 :)

In a Mist - The Drovers, World Of Monsters, 1992, Tantrum Records


Always remember ... We are not alone (en). / No estamos solos (es). ~~~ even if/when we might feel like we are.

Бронзы Бить THE RESISTANCE 45 - Sunburned Psychedelia

Come trip the light fantastic with Bronzie Beat and the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew! As we chill in the internet’s sub-basement with the biterati and coolest of the cool kids, we’ll meander through a sonic journey, exploring the evolution of Aussie psychedelic rock and pop, from Morris to the latest Babe Rainbow.

00:00 utc wednesday at anonradio.net

All are welcome 💜💚🧡❤️🕺🏼😎👽🦄

... I let out an angry scream in bewilderment of all this nonsensical (type 1) diabetes () because it pisses me the f**k off more than words can say & makes me beyond sad ! :flan_umbrella:

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I'll tell. Now that I'm 1 month & ~ 2 weeks into my 38th year living with type 1 diabetes (), I readily admit that it really makes zero (0) sense to me anymore. In short, it's complete nonsense. My BG has been high (>= 200 mg/dL or 11.1 mmol/L) for more than 12 hours now. This morning it was >= 300 or 16.7 & 400 or 22.2.

So, I corrected for 300, which was 12 units. It came down to 176 by hour 4. So, I corrected again, only 3 units this time + 3 units for food. & now, I'll correct again! :^(

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