Yikes! I didn't know Inverness, Scotland was so far north of Glasgow & Edinburgh... But I do now!!

"Australia's wildfires have dwarfed other catastrophic blazes, with burned terrain more than twice the extent of that ravaged by fires in Brazil, California and Indonesia combined."


#climatechange #climatecrisis #climatestrike #strike4climate #fridays4future #climatejusticenow #divest

It is/was either a sports bag or a thermos kinda bag for ice and stuff. I don't remember exactly.

I created this standing desk on the fly Monday afternoon after I found the old sports bag you see in the photos & thought, "Hey, that's just the right height!" .. Now, I can stand & use ! =^)

Had a nice, yummy dinner, and can now enjoy the rest of this otherwise shiny (& !snowy!) ! :)

After I got myself together this morning, I went to the pharmacy to buy test strips & pen needles to last through the new (and beginning of) year 2020. No though. Have to buy that in Canada!

... Real food cooked the right way, not fake instant poo poo kinda food .. I've never been fond of traditional USA thanksgiving anyway .

Down w/ Thanksgiving; it was really in October anyway ()... Just teasing.. I don't do holidays, which includes thanksgivings.. I did eat yummy Macaroni & Cheese and a cornbread muffin though :)

Decidí volver a ver la película "Como el Agua para el Chocolate". Me gusta mucho. Siempre es emotivo y divertido para mí. <3 :) Tita, Nacha (sp), Chencha y los demás también (: <3

I just now installed via pkg_add on my 6.6-current VM .. Mostly just to learn about it .. I came from before moving everything to almost a year ago . ( sticking w/ cvs tho )

serenity>% uptime;now
1:08PM up 1 day, 1:23, 1 user, load averages: 0.15, 0.16, 0.09
Saturday, 2019-10-19, 13:08:42 UTC

That was nice, but this was/is nicer! :flan_hurrah:


=^) <3 ! I just want my clock(s) to be correct .. UTC and me .. Jijiji ! <3 (^=

Looks like Bell Labs is going to throw a big 2-day event celebrating #Unix's 50th anniversary. The author of the post is also the one behind "Faces of Unix", a project that I found out about by @randynose. 👍 :smart: #unix50 #belllabs #facesofunix


... "Life is about more than just surviving." -- via "The 100" s3:e7 "Thirteen"

#etsh (#v6sh) =^) etsh-current #24 is now available .. see etsh.nl/src/current/ .. yes, it's signed w/ my updated #signify public key btw ! :flan_hurrah:​ (^=

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