Rush - Xanadu (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for "Xanadu" performed by RushMusic video by Rush performing Xanadu. (C) 1977 The Island Def Jam Music Group and Anthem Entert...

Kansas - What's on My Mind

Provided to YouTube by Epic/LegacyWhat's on My Mind · KansasLeftoverture℗ 1976 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music EntertainmentReleased on: 1976-10-21Bas...

Correction: I did get my A1C (short for HbA1c) checked yesterday after all. Maybe I dreamed/imagined the 6-month thing. Either way, my was down to 6.1 % .. Yay ! =^)

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Heading to my endo (short for endocrinologist) appointment I am. Not getting my A1C checked today; waiting until the 6-month mark for that.

- Today's the day... It's my 37th T1D-Birthday!! Even though I don't really like 37, 'cause it's not nearly as pretty as 36, I'm still sayin' yay!

:) ! my 50th human-body birthday was 6 days ago, and I feel it too .. maybe I should just ditch the 50 and say I'm 37 years old instead .. it's not untrue, since the kid I was before T1D & the adult I became afterwards, are 2 distinctly different people ! pero quién sabe (es) / ma chi lo sa (it) (:

I'm no doctor or psychologist, but as a simple human, I figure smiling and/or laughing whenever you can are good ways to lift your spirits. Well, it's true for me at least, especially when the realities of life make doing so difficult.

I hereby wish everyone a very .. Happy 2nd Tuesday / martes / martedì / terça of February, the 2nd month of 2021 ! 🙂 .. Theoretically (according to me), the best month of every year ! 😀 .. Enjoy ! :^) :^D

I picked up my first ever pair of real glasses at the eye doctor's office yesterday. Reading glasses only for seeing details an arm's length & closer, as I can see fine further away than that.

Estoy viendo "El Faro de las Orcas" en de nuevo. Me la gusta porque el tema es muy importante.

🎉 Buenos días, y feliz año nuevo para todos! (es) / Good morning, and happy new year for everyone! 🎉

=^) I sure hope 2021 is better than 2020 in every possible way 🤞✌️🙂👽 (^=

... Because we're all someone, and we all need a revolution .. In my case, it's an !!

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Tracy Chapman - Talkin' About A Revolution - - :^) I love this song (and its singer) ! <3

Stargate SG-1, season 10, Unending - this was the final episode btw.

- Daniel to Vala: I guess no matter what you do, at the end of the day, life is to short.

- I'm grateful I have insulins that are way better than R & N (that I used for too long); still, a cure would be better :^)

That said, if only the insulins I use now were smart instead of stupid, then managing my would be so much simpler than it is!


Sharpen your pencils, gamut v0.2.0 is out!

The #golang package for generating and managing color palettes now contains additional CSS and RAL color palettes!

Get it here:

Database repair and rebuild has been completed. Tens of thousands if not more records were affected, but we are now on v3.2.1 without duplicate local/remote accounts/statuses. Please email membership directly if you have any issues.

Also, you can support this instance at

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