international trip to buy -

driving to Canada tomorrow I am since I can't buy what I need in the USA

Wondering if I have a stack... In my human body I mean!!

Now, that would be cool .. Maybe

( Thinking of Altered Carbon I am )

Adi贸s feliz pen煤ltima pluma de . Gracias por las 300 unidades de insulina, - las que se usan para las pruebas de agujas.

2: 2u needle test, 6u for an early evening snack == 279u left.

4u needle test is only for the 1st needle. All others are 2u; it's like it's priming the mechanism; 4u is a bug if you ask me.

I opened/started my penultimate pen this morning, and since I don't know if/when I can buy more... I'm counting every unit.. 1: 4u needle test, 9u for breakfast == 287u left.

<3 Entonces... Mi madre / mam谩 muri贸 hace 2 d铆as, el 16 de enero de 2018. She was a good mom and at one time helped / taught my older D-Sister & I to care for our respective beasties. Thanks mom we'll all miss you. <3

Our lovely and talented @pamela has unleased new emojojojojojos and it's time to upload them for your enjoyment.

Since you know you like them, go fund her Patreon, so she can keep making them.

:easel: :glowbracelets: :glowsnare: :hook: :kangaroo: :laundry: :milkshake: :otterheart: :sundae: :tissue:

And a bonus set of MULE inspired emojojojojojo

:mule: :mule_crystite: :mule_energy: :mule_food: :mule_smithore: :mule_plot:

Buenas noches .. Tal vez voy a dormir 3 horas hasta el amanecer .. Entonces, puedo decir, "buenos d铆as, y buen d铆a mundo" (o ahora quiz谩s) :^)

Finally doing a fresh (re-)install of 6.4-current on my laptop I am. But I'm using a usb attached external hdd for now. To learn a bit more perhaps ;) Lookin' good so far (:

Here's to the of 24, a friend among the ;^) along with 6, 12, 124, and 1024 (and its multiples) .. my faves ! <3 (^=

鉁岋笍, a remote multi-system monitor for OpenBSD, is getting multi-line output support! (And is fixed for hw.smt=0.) Port being updated soon!

Los Cacahuates

Tengo una canci贸n en mi cabeza / mente, y va c贸mo esa ...

La la la.. :) caaa caa hua te .. y m谩s c贸mo eso ... Jajajaj .. y si nada m谩s, fue divertido ! Hurra :D :P ( buenas noches a todos, y feliz martes tambi茅n )

With a few good lessons... The most important one for me is ~ it's not your fault .. translated == " () is not your / our / my fault!" ~

So... I ended up watching Good Will Hunting yesterday (Saturday).. It was always a good one for me.

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