, a remote multi-system monitor for OpenBSD, is getting multi-line output support! (And is fixed for hw.smt=0.) Port being updated soon!

Los Cacahuates

Tengo una canci贸n en mi cabeza / mente, y va c贸mo esa ...

La la la.. :) caaa caa hua te .. y m谩s c贸mo eso ... Jajajaj .. y si nada m谩s, fue divertido ! Hurra :D :P ( buenas noches a todos, y feliz martes tambi茅n )

With a few good lessons... The most important one for me is ~ it's not your fault .. translated == " () is not your / our / my fault!" ~

So... I ended up watching Good Will Hunting yesterday (Saturday).. It was always a good one for me.

SDF is looking for individuals to interview for our who are you? what would you like to express? email zine @

My @OpenBSDAms tshirt & OBSD.ams stickers arrived yesterday .. #RUNBSD ! =^) yay! ~\o/~ see? (^=

SANYALnet Labs (
is a hobbyist server running Compaq Tru64 #UNIX 5.0 inside a 32-bit FreeAXP instance emulating DEC AlphaServer 400 4/166 from the publicly available Tru64 Unix 5.0 installation CD ROMs. It uses DECnet and DEC nodes to run Microsoft TCP/IP and LANMAN, NetBIOS, NetBEUI Networking

- #True64 build details

- Full SANYALnet Labs architecture described

Gainfully employed? Well, I was! But as of next Tuesday, the 9th of October 2018 ... I won't be .. So, I'll have to figure out what to do ASAP .

Hello. Yes, I know that UNIX is not an acronym. That said, it *_is_* a registered trademark, and all caps is the simplest way for me to acknowledge this fact everywhere. :^)

( I posted this on the birdsite too btw )

() - etsh-5.3.1 release available; see for downloads & info. (command interpreter), either way 2 ports of the original V6 Thompson shell (etsh, enhanced & tsh, unenhanced).

I still need to sync my non-public cvs repos to make the latest changes available via cvsweb & anoncvs .. Will do as soon as possible, but some other things must be done 1st .

It's been updated in the OpenBSD ports tree thanks to @bcallah .

Yes, my Apple ID account has finally been deleted. So, I'll no longer be charged a monthly fee for services I can't use because I don't have any Apple hardware.

Welcome NetBSD 8.0, Debian 9 (stretch) and OpenBSD 6.3 release updates to the SDF VPS membership.

Been working on the etsh website (a WIP, not all pages have been processed yet) ... Updated the logo, thanks to @romanzolotarev ..

% cvs -qd checkout v6shell
will give you all the latest updates. There's a tarball of it at too .

I'll release etsh-5.2.1 on 2018-08-08 =^)

Wondering if I should ditch my @Liberapay account!?. I already removed the donate link from the etsh home page...

- So, I made it home safe & sound from Windsor, Ontario, Canada... Where I tapped all available resources & bought enough & to last for 6 months if I play my cards right.. Either way, I'm a happy camper atm! 馃榾馃帀 ~~~ ( for comparison, what I bought last time lasted for 5 months )

=) etsh-5.2.0 - - is now available (= .. signed with my #OpenBSD #signify key it is .. yay ! #v6shell #etsh #ancient #opensource #UNIX #cli ( 2 ports of the original V6 Thompson shell )

I'm looking for others with #type1diabetes on the fediverse. Just looking for a bit of a support network in this. I would very much appreciate a boost.

If you have it say hi/follow please.


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