As someone in my discord server said - “the best way to make politicians anti-facial recognition might be to use it on them”.

@unimagine devil's advocate question: Do any of them have meeting prep notes on their phones?

You can almost assume that meeting notes require a tablet while phones are good only for YouTwitFace and Farmville.

text on the image 

'The Flemish Scrollers' is software automatically tagging distracted Belgian politician when they use their phone on the daily livestreams. Every meeting of the flemish government in Belgium is live streamed on a YouTube channel. 'When a livestream starts the software is searching for phones and tries to identify a distracted politician. This is done with the help of Al and face recognition. More details:

Results are posted on Instagram and Twitter: hitps://

@unimagine On the one hand this is stupid because being on your phone or computer doesnt mean you arent paying attention.

On the other hand if it pisses off politicians and gets them in trouble for stupid shit maybe it will get them to hate facial recognition and start taking it seriously... so maybe its stupid in the most brilliant of ways...

@freemo @unimagine I am literally unable to concentrate on something I am not interested in if my hands aren't busy with *anything*
Otherwise I would just stare into the void and fall asleep
I really can't not fall asleep if something I listen to doesn't spark my enthusiasm


Its not just that. Multitasking, if you learn to do it right, greatly improves your output, and its kinda obvious why. Any one task is going to have micro-blockers. For example if your programming then you have periods where you wait for it to compile or a big download, in a lecture there may be periods of the talk that you already understand, etc.

So by shifting your focus during the micro-blockers to secondary tasks you dont waste idle time focusing on just one thing just for the sake of it. Moreover, and this is the important part, your subconscious is busy thinking about and working on everything at once. So when you shift back to a task you will almost always find you have a greater understanding than where you left off and the all of a sudden you can see connections and answers you were struggling with before.


#ImageDescription for attached media on top post, taken from Julien Deswaef's share of the source article by Dries Depoorter:

«photo of people sitting is a hemicycle. Some faces are highlighted by a white square with their twitter handle attached to them. We can read @JanJambon @BartSomers, etc.
And their hands holding a phone are highlighted by a green square showing a text saying "Phone 85.5%", "Phone 81.2%".»

@unimagine The pessimist in me says that they will enact a ban... that applies only when the target is a politician :02lurk:

@unimagine / not interested in ai and Neurial networks.. if someone gains or loses weight... They often have mistakes in analytical behaviors, and that's how facial recognition works, nuronets.

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