I used to work with a guy, let's call him Ray. Ray was the absolute master of poor financial decisions. Quit before an IPO, bounces from cubicle to cubicle hammering out archaic code, in his 40's and still requires random roommates. ETC! Anyway, when Ray loudly decried cryptocurrency as a scam, I immediately knew I would one day get to hammer out this post with this graphic (because I am petty like that!) ...

This is my latest setup for making noise: Behringer Rhythm Designer RD-8, Behringer Crave Synth, Arturia Microbrute Synth, DOD Death Metal Pedal, Boss DD3 Delay/Pitch Shifter pedal. Goes into a cheap 6 line mixer and into the Mac mini. Guitar is Ibanez RG series going into one of those Positive Grid Spark 40w modeling amps.

Now, I am 50 years old. Here’s a pic of spring training back in the minor leagues.

The RD-8 arrived yesterday. Beyond thrilled. Then a buddy loaned me his TD-3. They synch tempo over a midi loop. Wasted no time in getting to work annoying the neighbors.

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