I released an album for and here I am doing my shameless promotion of it. It’s weird electro gooey synth industrial oh snot whatever stuff. Done in 3 weeks.


I used to work with a guy, let's call him Ray. Ray was the absolute master of poor financial decisions. Quit before an IPO, bounces from cubicle to cubicle hammering out archaic code, in his 40's and still requires random roommates. ETC! Anyway, when Ray loudly decried cryptocurrency as a scam, I immediately knew I would one day get to hammer out this post with this graphic (because I am petty like that!) ...

I had some IT guys, at an unnamed hospital, give me RDP access to a domain server so I could modify permissions on a self generated certificate but when I asked them to open port 7000 between a handheld scanner and a dock, they claimed that there were security risks that needed to be addressed before a regulatory committee. Sadly, that was the weirdest thing to happen today. Maybe tomorrow will pick up the pace? Also, day-traded some btc and bought a Lyra-8 synth with my profits. That is all.

Begging to accept the fact that the PlayStation 5 was a troll originated behind the same people behind the QAnon stuff. It simply doesn’t fkn exist.

I'm still alive. I'm sure this was a pressing issue. Anyway, I am making a new album in February for the RPM Challenge. Possible album titles are "Orgy Of Pills" or "Aural Sodomy". I bought an Elektron Digitakt, so I've taken the noise to exciting depraved levels. Sober January has been shit. Thank Bob for k-bombs. Stay thirsty.

I guess, in my unending quest for knowledge, I should have spent a hot minute on plumbing because my kitchen sink is baffling me with the water everywhere. I know those dudes aren't cheap in the USA and I doubt my insurance covers them in Germany.

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Kicked off Twitter again! This time because I refered to that redneck running for Senate in Georgia "white trash". Apparently that's considered hate speech. Meanwhile, I had butthurt red hats calling me a snowflake and libtard for the last 4 years, ad hominem. I think it's for good, this time. No huge loss, though it could have been a more spectacular reason.

Passed Security+. Barely. But I have the cert so I could give a dimpled shit if I recall any of this tomorrow. The entire process is concepts and methods and acronyms any half wit with half a peanut rolling around in their melon could do a rudimentary search for and solve. Having to memorize all that shit is pointless, ridiculous and absurd. That is the last certificate I’ll obtain in this career and, hopefully, life.

Bee thinking about setting up a BTC trading bot but might just settle for writing a bot that sells me a PS5 if they ever come back in stock.

Security+ test tomorrow. Already flunked it once by five points. Can still only get around 85% on practice tests. That whole cryptography shit fucks me up. I can ddg any real world situations where I’d need to know all those acronyms. Had to choose between A+, Net+ or Sec+. Probably could have slam dunked A+, but hackerzzzz, yo. Bump me up to the 6 figures cabbage.

Been enjoying the Bitcoin rally. Tempted to dump amd live happily ever after, though even more tempted to buy back the next dip, which should be around mid January, when all the tourists who jumped on the ship yesterday dump their losses. Shades of 2017/2018 all over again.

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Making fun of more MAGA morons 

What was the point of the Thousand Racist March in DC, anyway? To celebrate Trump's epic landslide loss??

Bill Barr looks like he'd be a total savage at the Golden Corral.

I got an unusually high amount of advertising via email for sites/apps I use on election night. It's as if they knew people would be home checking their phones, tablets, computers compulsively. it also shows how low marketing departments will stoop to "capture eyes". I know it won't matter, but I've opted out of doing any business with them in the future. Those clever, soulless marketers can hug a nutsac.

Aside from Ween, Pennsylvania pretty much sucks.

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In this round of “Who’s The Snowflake?” I just got kicked off Twitter because I made fun of Ex-NFL Concussion King and fledgling confederate bozo, Brett Favre.

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