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My experience so far with weight loss surgery has been stunning. As of this afternoon, I'm exactly two weeks out from surgery, and feeling great. I'm in no pain, only very mild discomfort. Weight loss progress is stunning: I've lost 31 pounds. My current rate is about 1 pound per day. I'm seeing my doctor for my first followup and battery of blood tests tomorrow.

One day, back in the real world, we were talking about furniture. I don't remember exactly why, but I think friends were looking at furniture for their shared house. I swear to god, I thought, "Phooky should program a sofa." The absurdity of it didn't hit me until a moment or two later.

I kind of miss the days when spending so much time in a virtual world could bleed over into the real world like that. (2/2)

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So when I was in college, my friends and I spent a lot of time building a text-based virtual world (a MUCK) that mimicked part of our campus. It was pretty meta. Anyway, we spent a lot of time programming things to make everything in the world interactive. One friend in particular, @phooky , was really good at programming our little virtual world and making everything do neat tricks. He built a ton of stuff. (1/2)

Take a drink every time somebody claims to have cracked the Voynich Manuscript.

Seeing all this Haiku stuff in my feed is pretty fun. It brings back tons of memories. I was a registered Be developer, had an early production BeBox, and a couple of college friends ended up working for Be, so I haunted their offices quite a bit. Pleasant memories.

I barely touched a computer during my entire surgery recovery process, and that was absolutely the right decision. Taking a step away from work and personal projects and everything really helped refocus and relax my brain matter.

I guess Peak Fun in Retrocomputing for me was when the hardware was being given away for free, and it all still worked. Nowadays, I spend way too much money on dead hardware that I need to replace leaking capacitors in, and I don't get to use it as much. Frankly, it's a shame. This stuff isn't getting any younger, and it's crying out for the sweet release of death.

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Vintage computer collecting was most fun in the 90s and early 2000s. Since then, the increased scarcity, expense, and decaying state of the hardware has rendered the hobby much, much less fun — at least for me.

The vitriolic reaction against the Linux kernel CoC has me rethinking my support of open source. I'm just kind of done with computers. Who wants to set up a luddite community with me? I've got some typewriters, lots of books, pens and pencils and paper. It'll be good, you'll see.

Sorry I’ve been gone for a few days. On Wednesday afternoon, I had a gastric bypass surgery, and I’m recovering at home now. It seems to have gone very smoothly! I’m looking forward to finally getting my weight and my health under control.

The crazy thing about CSV files, commas are likely to be used in stuff you'd want to put in a CSV file.

"But Fluff," you say, "people already deal with that. Use colons or bar characters or tabs."

Well yes. People do that. But did you know ASCII (which now forms the first tiny chunk of unicode) has built in separator characters? ASCII 28 through 31; file, group, record, and unit separators. CSV was a mistake.

Thus ends another episode of Fluffpinions.

The general problem is that Icelanders (a) are hard to find, (b) speak very rapidly, (c) use a lot of elision in their speech, and (d) want to speak English instead of Icelandic. So learning to understand it can be a bit of an extra challenge.

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I've been interested in linguistics for as long as I can remember. This cross-pollinated with my interest in Iceland a long time ago, and I've been dabbling with trying to learn Icelandic off and on for probably a couple of decades without really getting anywhere. Lately, though, I've been pouring a lot of energy into it, and I'm finding that while I can't produce it worth a damn, I can understand it better and better.

I've written a blog post with a few minor details about the WE32106 floating point accelerator I'm currently trying to simulate for the 3B2 emulator.


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I guess the other option is to use a library like SoftFloat, but that adds a lot of code to the emulator.

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I'm trying to add WE32106 Math Accelerator support to my 3B2 emulator. So far so good, but I feel dirty: My code assumes floating point types are stored in IEEE-754 format in memory. The C standard guarantees no such thing.

I mean... so far it works? But there's no guarantee it will work on every platform, or even with every compiler.


Just watched a kid spill a big drink all over himself at a cafe, and his dad is super mad at him. Won't stop blaming him, telling his wife "the kid won't learn a thing". This is not a parenting style I approve of.

Needed: Mastodon stack that will run on OpenVMS.

You know, for fun.

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