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Long story slightly less long: I fixed the CIO bug so it only writes test results when it's asked to, and not later. Suddenly, I can compile and boot a new kernel without corruption. Yay for small victories.

YET MORE debugging. Memory is being corrupted at physical address 0x200f000-0x200f00b. (Heh, foob). Once corrupted, `mkunix` saves in-memory image to disk, that's why disk file is corrupted. OK. But why corruption? MORE DEBUGGING.

And then, when looking through my 3B2 source code, I figure it out. The CIO card drivers use that EXACT MEMORY LOCATION to write test results to memory on boot-up. Except my implementation had a bug, and was doing it AFTER kernel boot. AUUGGH.

So I had this neat bug in my 3B2 emulator. Hear me out.

Build new kernel on SVR3. Kernel fails to boot, KERNEL TRAP! A full day of debugging. Turns out 12 bytes of kernel was being overwritten with garbage. Days more debugging. Things get WEIRD. The kernel object files are fine, the linked kernel is not. Yet more debugging. Then a breakthrough: New kernel get corrupted shortly after loading the objects and linking, but before saving to disk. HUH...

This is a really good discussion on licensing. I'll be honest, in the past I've chosen MIT just because I was lazy and didn't care what anyone did with my software. But maybe I need to adjust that attitude.

I started working on a Rust WebAssembly project about a year ago and more or less put it aside because the tool chains were so miserable and painful to work with. I picked it up again a few weeks ago and things are really night and day better.

`wasm-bindgen` and `wasm-pack` have made this process so much easier. I can just publish my WebAssembly as an npm module and be done with it. Way easy.

The default license I choose when creating a new project is the MIT license. But I wonder, am I doing a disservice to the open source community? Should I use GPL for new projects? Or do you find GPL to be too restrictive?

I worry about these things.

Apparently I am supposed to have strong opinions about trending topics, but honestly I just can’t muster strong opinions about them.

If you tweak the colors of the Open Genera X11 window just right, you can approximate the sickly blue glow of a real Symbolics console.

Looking for fellow hackers, tinkerers, retrocomputer enthusiasts, electronics people, linguists, book artists, calligraphers, and general nerds to follow.


I should really use this thing more often. In an ideal world, I'd kick Twitter to the curb and never speak of it again. I've become less and less enthused about its direction and leadership as time has gone on.

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"I appreciate SDF but it's a general-purpose server and the name doesn't make it obvious that it's about art." - Eugen Rochko