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Wait... how do you say it with FEWER than two syllables?!

Amazon-owned companies to avoid 

I had literally no idea they owned AbeBooks and now I'm crushed. That is a kick in the heart.

I've been running Debian 10 (testing) on my main workstation for a few months now and I have been extraordinarily happy with it. Moving to the stable release was as easy as accepting two changes to apt sources, and boom, it's tracking stable. Very smooth and a wonderful experience so far.

I'm embarrassed to admit I didn't even know that GIMP was a slur... I always assumed it referred to the bizarre BDSM thing, which is no better anyhow. What a world.

Dang, that's a really good reason. I've been a spaces guy forever, but this is making me change my mind.

Fidonet and Usenet were the Fediverse, way before there was a fediverse.

At about the same time Fidonet was created, NSFNET was also launched.

A lot of people have forgotten that there has always been networks run by individuals and for individuals.

I actually set up UUCP email recently just to see if I could.

No but seriously...

I find myself thinking what Usenet 3.0 (yes there was a 2.0) would look like. Usenet was the original federated social network. We have all long since moved to the web, though, with 37 different logins to 37 different horribly insecure PHP forums for each different topic we want to discuss. It's a mess. It is ripe for a reboot.

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I am turning 46 today, and I do wonder where the time went.

A while back I wrote some scripts to extract single-line fonts from a couple of ROMs (Tempest and an Apple 410 plotter) and was messing with generating a custom font format for them, until EMSL pointed out that the SVG1.1 spec actually _has_ a font format and adapted their Hershey Font plugin to use it. I've now converted the fonts to SVG fonts.

I've gone by "Twylo" online (IRC, social networks, at work, etc...) for ages. I stole it from an episode of "The Dick Van Dyke Show", where Rob has a dream that an alien from the planet Twilo (who looks like Danny Thomas) has come to take over the Earth. I misspelled it completely by accident, but I like my spelling better.

@vertigo Oh cool! I toyed ever so briefly with Smalltalk in 1996, just barely writing "Hello World!" and a few other very small things... and then, sadly, just never went on.

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