@erkin oooh nice! I publish loomcom.com 100% with Emacs. I love my workflow. I just edit, type M-x loomcom-publish, and it’s done.

One significant problem has arisen from all this time working on AT&T emulation: I am now totally used to AT&T assembly syntax, and Intel assembly syntax looks weird to me.

I mean yes, why SHOULDN’T the source come before the destination?

Send help.

‪I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about COFF file symbol tables. Each entry is 18 bytes of pure unadulterated C union hell. Parsing them in Rust is... interesting.‬

‪As in “May you live in interesting times” interesting.‬

Working on improving my very janky WE32100 disassembler, which has always been just barely usable. It now knows how to parse System V COFF files! Next up: Handling relocation and symbols.

Anyway that's what I do for fun on a Friday night now. How are you?

I have written a MASSIVE GUIDE on how to install and configure UNIX System V Release 3 on the AT&T 3B2 Emulator. Comments and feedback very welcome. Have fun!


Tonight, I helped move 1,500 pounds (680 kg) of AT&T 3B2/1000 systems, disks, software, documentation, and peripherals. It’s gonna be fun to go through all this stuff.

Also discovered a CR304 rectifier diode that failed short, probably took the TIP41 with it. I'm going to recap it while I have it all splayed apart on my workbench. So, $55.92 later, I have a big DigiKey order coming my way. We'll get it working again.

‪Finally plugged in the 3B2/400 I’m attempting to restore. Power supply immediately let out the magic smoke. Nothing is visually damaged, but I did find a bad (shorted) TIP41 power transistor. Lots more testing and debugging to do.‬

@gcupc recently wrote a great article about the qualities of Usenet clients. I don’t know how useful the article is if you have never used one but for me it was a trip down memory lane and I agree: we have adopted the most dumbed down user interfaces and I don’t of a single fediverse client that is as powerful as Gnus was back in the days (and still is, even if Usenet is not).
“keep up with a larger feed by reading less.” Yes!
#usenet #ui #mastodon

The hardest problem in Computer Science is naming, and the hardest problem in Computer Emulation is timing.

Timing sucks. Let’s just make everything asynchronous.

@SDF Can’t wait for the 36th anniversary. 36 bits forever!

@manu Back when the memory footprint of a MUD might have actually had impact on a system! Oh those were the days.

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