~✿* My history with JavaScript *✿~

*JavaScript introduced to Netscape*
:blobowo: "This is cool"

*AJAX appears*
:blobuwu: "Yes, useful"

*Early 'port X to JS' experiments*
:blobowo: "Haha it's a fun experiment"

:blobthinkingeyes: ".. um"

*Production software moves to webapps*
:blobnervous: "Wait"

*Electron everywhere*
:blobtired: "Oh no"

I can't believe nobody owned this domain name. I do, now. Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I have some ideas. wiener.space

@phooky I was under the impression that babies just leak constantly regardless of the current state of teething.

@fribbledom you mean to tell me that I've been a UNIX and Linux user for 27 years now, and I never knew about `cd -` ????

I was a big ebook reader for a long time, but recently my Kindle has been gathering dust. I've started buying all my books in dead tree format instead, and I'm finding that the ergonomic and tactile experience of using a real printed book is just plain nicer than navigating an ebook. I missed it. I sure do wish you could grep them, though.

A cashless society also means that you are required to have a bank account and a credit score. Yay for surveillance. Yay for the rich. Who cares about the poor. ☹️

When we were in Sweden in 2018 we saw many shops that refused cash. I don’t think we ever got any cash in two weeks. Every single transaction benefitted the credit card company and the credit card issuer. You might argue that cash also costs money: handling it, counting it, guarding it, escorting it, losing it, all of it costs money. The difference is the digitalization of credit card fees. The cost of cash is distributed, decentralized. The cost of credit cards is concentrated, monopolized.

Oh my God. This is part of Icelandic culture I have never been exposed to, and I did live there very briefly!

Just playing around with Blazin' Forth to see how it differed from Forth 83. I don't have a manual, though, so I kind of have up (for now!)

My main Forth experience is MUF (Multi-User Forth), the language used to program player utilities in Fuzzball MUCK.

Oh no, I've made a huge mistake. I am attempting to use Docker to manage the services on personal Linode host: A few static HTML sites, a MariaDB database, and Nextcloud. "It's easy!" they said. "It makes everything reproducible!" they said.

It's now three days into this exercise and I still can't get Nextcloud working behind an Nginx reverse proxy. In fact, I've managed to make it WORSE: Now I can't log in at all, and I don't know why.


While I certainly agree that IRC is not anywhere near as ubiquitous as it once was, it's definitely not dead. I'm in a bunch of active IRC channels on Freenode.

I have started to experiment with roasting my own coffee at home using a small, inexpensive stovetop dingus called a Nuvo Eco, which is basically a ceramic pan. My first two batches have both been very tasty, but I think I want to go a bit past first crack to bring in a bit more of a roast flavor. I like a light roast, but these are super acidic and hyper caffeinated. Still very good flavor, though!

Boo, that sucks :( I remember when they were basically being given away as scrap.

Wait... how do you say it with FEWER than two syllables?!

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